Several years ago, I read a book by Pst Kenneth Copeland, titled: INTEGRITY, THE PATHWAY TO HONOUR. This book completely transformed my life and helped me redefine my values, it activated a desire in me to become a person of distinction and a true Kingdom Nobility. Ever since then, though the path gets narrower as I journey further on in life, this mode of life has kept my perspective far beyond the horizon of “normalcy”; and I can say that so far, God’s faithfulness has been revealed daily in my life and in increasing measures.

King Solomon of Israel made this profound statement in one of His proverbs: The integrity of the upright shall guide them: but the perverseness of transgressors shall destroy them. Proverbs 11:3. This goes to prove that there is a mode of operation in the kingdom which automatically programs us (by divine direction) into the will of God, if our hearts are fixed on Him, and this disposition ensures that we aren’t caught up in the scourge which come upon those who live carelessly.

I define integrity as “the state of being true to one’s convictions in righteousness in the midst of several options”. In a broader sense, it’s about being loyal to our convictions in the faith, irrespective of the tidal wave of compromise surging through the sea of our consciousness and our social environments daily. Mistakes are permitted along the journey of life, and as a matter of fact , they’re unavoidable. But the posture of a man or woman of integrity will be revealed by the course of action/adjustments such an individual will undertake after self-realization.



The path of integrity must cost us everything or it isn’t integrity. Ambitions which will accomodate some subtle compromise must be put off. Clandestine thoughts, impressions, notions, motives and aspirations must be proved in the light of our convictions and all things must be measured within the context of loyalty towards God. This is the price to pay for Kingdom distinction; and mind you, where there’s so much iniquity, the bible says there, grace doth much more abound. When we go through unanticipated challenges and they seem to overwhelm us, God’s integrity is put on the line, and it is on this premise that we are able to access His mercy to lift us out of seasons of raging storms in the place of prayer, because of His covenant towards us. Therefore is God’s integrity is the premise upon which we are “qualified” to access some heavenly resources required in very turbulent times, then our integrity in our walk with Him also allows Him access to birth some realities in the earth which may nnot have been previously envisaged or experienced.

Integrity in our walk with God involves staying true to the callings and purpose of God for our lives at the expense of compromise for the sake of survival; this hinges on the fact that destinies are interconnected, whether they be destinies of nations, cities, states, spheres and individuals, we are all part of a collective whole. Compromise creates a breach on the framework of the ecosystem, or like I mentioned in a previous article, ” private compromise has national and transgenerational consequences”. In the midst of this dark world, God expects us to be the light-bearers and integrity is what keeps our “individual globes” pure and transparent enough to transmit with clarity, “The Light” from within us into the dark world around us.

Satan has made this world a complex web of survivors. The orientation of survival has swept the mass of mankind into a debasing thought-culture which has further drowned any prospects of people taking a firm stand on the side of truth especially in these last days. Situational interpretations of truth now run the systems and very few institution and corporate organizations actually have a culture of integrity from the heart rather than the facade of corporate policies which most times are “impression posters”. Nevertheless, God does not lower His standards, rather He is currently unleashing more wisdom and help from heaven so that His own can still reveal His manifold wisdom before all of creation and establish His covenant rule and authority before the principalities and powers in the heavenly realms, to His glory.

When true success is measured by how much integrity guides the process of our growth, development and individual as well as corporate advancement, then we will have kingdom structures which will stand the test of time as a witness in heaven, and be a model for future generations and a prototype for the world to come.

Emmanuel Sam.

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