Through faith, we understand that the worlds (aeons, dispensations, universes, galaxies, planetary systems, civilizations) were framed by the Word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which do appear…(expanded version).
Hebrews 11:3.

In the administrations of God according to the divine order, faith is the most crucial element, necessary for the establishment of His plans in the earth realm. It has always been the major requirement of God from men.


As a matter of fact, the “righteousness of God” cannot be established in an environment where the God-kind of faith isn’t functional. It is written… For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith, as it is written, the Just shall live by faith ; this means that without the people of God graduating from one level of faith expression in God, to another, the various dimensions of the righteous workings of God, is hindered on earth. Furthermore this also establishes the fact that it is possible to know if you are walking in the righteousness of God or not, simply by studying your lifestyle of “faith toward God and His instructions”, proven by your substantial obedience.

Let’s then observe the workings of the “righteousness of God”.

The word ZEDEK, is the word interpreted as RIGHTEOUSNESS, and it is the same word for JUSTICE. This is why Melchizedek is called “King of Righteousness and also King of Justice”. Righteousness and Justice always go together. Isaiah 16:5

When a man is called Just therefore, it means that the signet of God’s justice or righteousness is upon that life. Hence if the righteousness of God is revealed in the life of a man of faith, it means that God’s righteousness is worked into the configuration of our entire journey of faith in God, here on earth. Therefore God will always give us tests that require our faith to advance us from one level of Kingdom authority and influence to another.

The walk and lifestyle of faith is necessary for God to build Kingdom structures on the earth through us, just as Abraham by faith brought out a physical Nation called Israel. The technology of the spirit stipulates that every structure
begins in the spirit realm with every act of obedience which we act out by our faith in God.

For the righteousness of God to be revealed “from faith to faith” by us, God will be making demands of us from time to time, thereby shifting us out of the “previous mold” of an impossibility mentality, or the previous boundaries of our faith horizons, so that as those abstract structures which come with new layers of faith administrations are domiciled within us, God can through us administer those realities from their various dimensions (realms and spiritual layers) in Christ Jesus, into the earth realm by wisdom…these are the enduring structures which will have eternal value and will last the test of time, because according to Hebrews 3, they’re a product of dispensationational and cosmic/universal framings of the Spirit of God.

Emmanuel Sam!

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