As we glide further into the reality before us globally, we are gradually moving into an era where matters must be comprehended and analyzed from the perspective of spiritual discernment rather than mere mental rhetoric. People of all nations have one battle or the other to contend with, and not even the “global elites” who are pawns in the hands of “the dragon” really have solutions to the challenges which they have collaboratively instituted as a trans-generational legacy for the past several centuries. Nature is convulsing, “beasts” are reacting, systems are resetting, uncertainty has become the norm: but do we realize the implications of all of these matrix?
Whenever we are faced with a global crisis, as kingdom citizens we must have a disposition of truth, free of sentiments, all forms of prejudice, societal, ethnic and traditional clutters, in order to discern matters from God’s perspective; only then can we effectively see the “coordinates” for navigating the tide of global currents, and so establish the government of the kingdom of heaven over the earth; including its governing systems and structures, within the scope and boundaries of that which God permits for that new dispensation.
In every new dispensation, the first principle that is established, is the principle of redefinitions. Every activity on the earth and their modus operandi are being redefined in this season, and this goes all the way into reforming, reshaping and restructuring our thought processes and thought concept. Anything short of these will bring about a catastrophic decline in value of whatever content or service we render to our world; whether it is within the sphere of knowledge, wisdom or tangible substance. All of these reality captured in the earth realm whether as upheavals, wars, volcanic or hurricane/tornado eruptions, are a sign of not just laws and justices of the heavenly realms playing out in the earth realm, but are also a sign of a new kind of manifestation of the revelation of the God-head of Jesus Christ in creation. It is from this dimension that civilizations are framed and structured, and new kinds of laws, curriculums and systems are birthed on earth…it is worthy of note therefore, that in these times, He is revealing Himself in creation as “THE KING OF THE NATIONS”.

The Implication
And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars, see that ye be not troubled: for “all these things” must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation (China against United States, Africa, India etc), and kingdom against kingdom (Fulani kingdom against Ijaw, Middle Belt and the entire South East/South South – Nigerian geopolitical jurisdictions) and there shall be famines (hunger from Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdown Procedure Intercontinentally) and pestilences (Pests transmigrating from India into East Africa) and earthquakes in divers places (click the following link ). All these are the beginning of sorrows. But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations, and then shall the end come. Matthew 24:6-8, 13-14. (All interpretations mine)
When we search the scriptures diligently such as the scripture quoted above, there are several wisdom keys therein which buttress the truth revealed earlier on in the article. Furthermore, in the quoted scripture, our King addressed some fundamental issues as necessary pointers by which we will know if we are truly aligned with Him in these strategic times.

  1. He addressed our Heart and Soul Posture – Vs 6: “see that ye be not troubled”. For Jesus to address us this way, apparently He knew that one of the fundamental crisis-strategy which would weaken His people in these days in which we are in, is FEAR. And this is the very tool by which the globalists (satan’s pawns, and the structure behind globalism and transnational/trans-generational oppression of the nations), through the MEDIA, WHO and of course the IMF and WORLD BANK propagate, thereby weakening the nations. Satan is described as “he who did weaken the nations”. See Isaiah 14:12b.
  2. He addressed our Perception of Times and Seasons – Vs 6: “but the end is not yet”. For Him to address us with this statement, He apparently knew that the fear posture from the global events will lead to discouragement, thereby making people believe the wrong things and so focus their attention on the wrong things. Therefore He was also addressing our thought processes I.e we shouldn’t think SURVIVAL but KINGDOM INFLUENCE, we shouldn’t think RAPTURE but rather we should think HARVEST of Souls, Spheres, Systems and Territories.
  3. He also encouraged us with Strength of Heart – Vs 8: “beginning of sorrows”; this statement means that more sorrows are coming (whether more pandemics or whatever they’re known by), and so what genuine prophets and apostles are picking up as “calamities yet to come”, aren’t meant to make us fret, but are a sign to the world to warn them to repent. We are covered, encouraged and strengthened by our King not to despair no matter what, because even in death, we emerge victorious (unless we’re uncertain about our destination).
  4. He established the Key to Stability in the Last Days…ENDURANCE – Vs 13: “but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved”. This establishes the fact that we are supposed to endure the calamities, pressures and challenges in these times, as ones who hold the fort here on earth, while simultaneously gathering the harvest and nurturing (recruiting and preparing into stature) the feeble and younger ones, in order to hasten His coming. This is proof of our love for Him, and of course He is faithful to provide for us and sustain us in every way, even to the very end.
  5. He established the Nature, Potency, Scope and Authority of the Gospel which is committed to us – Vs 14: “and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations: and then shall the end come”. Let us break down the various points for better comprehension.
  • Nature of the Last Day Gospel: If the gospel which will give the saints a sense of authority in these last days, is the “gospel of the kingdom”…then it means that Jesus anticipated that we (the church) would dilute the gospel in the course of time. No wonder, a greater percentage of Christians who are supposed to be believers by reason of length of commitment and time in most of our churches, do not have enduring capacity (point 4) and so cannot be entrusted with greater levels of authority over systems, spheres and territories. Therefore if our gospel is not producing believers who can endure through these days, it is not the gospel of the kingdom, it is something else from the perspective of Christ.

The Potency of the Kingdom Gospel: He says the gospel in itself has the power to generate ”witness in all the nations”. Even though most times Jesus Himself appears/witnesses to people, or sends angels, a man of God who lives out the gospel, can be in a nation, city or village and his witness appears in the spirit in another nation or continent as an encounter and stirs people into salvation. Also a true gospel of the kingdom preached, leaves the listener with a deposit upon which the Holy Spirit will establish witness, whether immediately or later. But that deposit cannot be suffocated, at the scent of water (a fresh word of life) it will spring up.

  • The Scope of the Kingdom Gospel: Jesus said the gospel must be preached in “all the world”. The word world here refers to the governing systems over the planet, which is the scope of the original mandate given to the first Adam, which he never fully matured into. This includes the world of birds, animals both upon and beneath the soil, sea creatures, sea animals and fishes as well as trees, mountains, rocks and all that lie beneath the earth and under the sea bed. This concept refers to the “manifestation of the kingdom government over the spheres and systems”, which is what apostle Paul captured in Romans 8:19-22 as creation (though foundationally it involves, thrones, dominions, principalities and powers who were delegated custodianship of the mysteries that govern the administration of these spheres and worlds).
  • The Authority of the Kingdom Gospel: Finally, Jesus established the fact that the gospel of the kingdom has the capacity to shape whole nations…this includes establishing its territorial integrity (I.e its constitutional framework, economic and internal/foreign policies), representational framework at macroeconomic as well as microeconomic levels, socio-curricular frameworks, societal development as well as educational and governmental policies etc. In other words, God desires to see whole landscapes of nations, cities and corporate bodies established on the principles of His righteousness by wisdom, thereby establishing a distinction between Goat and Sheep Individuals, Goat and Sheep Nations, Goat and Sheep Cities, Goat and Sheep Organizations and Communities…and the legitimately authorized agent meant to birth and establish these structures, by the wisdom of the kingdom gospel in these last days, is THE CHURCH; thereby fulfilling the mandate of “making disciples of the nations by the authority of all heavens and earth”, which is in Christ Jesus, and has been delegated to the Church which is one Spirit in Christ Jesus. Matthew 28:18-19, 1 Corinthians 6:17.

Jesus is King!
Emmanuel Sam

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