The past two decades were characterized by technological advancements as well as drastic innovations in AI, corporate governance restructuring in a bid to regain stakeholder confidence in several sectors, geopolitical restructuring with several nations convulsing as a result of negative implants at foundational levels, an evolvement of new sets of religious beliefs and social movements, even occultism and witchcraft which in time past operated clandestinely, have now crafted their machinations into several spheres especially the media and technology for a wider acceptance. The prophetic dimensions of the Kingdom of God, have also witnessed unforeseen and unanticipated disruptions, as heaven is unleashing new measures of light and spiritual technology for the corporate advancement of the Body of Christ at cross-continental proportions.

As we have entered into a brand new decade in which several trusted prophetic voices have declared will be characterized by even more “suddenlies”, it is imminent that the usual discourse is about to be eclipsed by a newer reality, which is a “virtual reality” born out of “spiritual intelligence” taking the center stage. This therefore calls for a need to step up in managing our perceptions in other to align our perspectives in such a manner as could be pivotal to orchestrating solutions to futuristic challenges which could stem from innovations by mankind whose motivations may be out of alignment with the dispensational template of God for the universe, as captured in the current cosmic reality.


The responsibility of leadership in this dispensation goes beyond the former orientations of values-based leadership or a trigonometrical conjecture of previously applied knowledge matrix, even though they have their role to play at sub-levels, rather leaders in this dispensation must come to terms with the concept of “True Reality”, connecting past-present timelines by first of all understanding the interrelations between spheres in times past, the significance of the economic sphere as the springboard for transnational relations and how it had shaped the orientations of societal revolutions in previous dispensations, and then navigate the path of wisdom in anticipating the realities that’ll govern the future within each sphere, so that we may begin to build towards that reality from our present disposition.

While we cannot discard the facts before us in this present time, true leadership realizes the preplanned yet effectively conceptualized nature of creation by the Creator, which is displayed by the ordinance of time as dispensational realities; thus the need to cooperate at a higher frequency in other to forestall a repetition of the previous architecture of remodeled matter, but rather birth the future in the present thereby living above the debacle of mass opinions.

The world is fast changing, and according to Klaus Schwab, the Founder and Executive Chairman of World Economic Forum, we’re already in the Fourth Industrial Revolution which will mostly be characterized by a counter-clash of ideas as well as a need for collaborative orientations to become the new norm; this poses certain threats to the underdeveloped as well as poor nations whose human and intellectual capital are greatly underdeveloped and underutilised. This also implies that the gap between the “haves” and the “have nots” will widen to a great extent, and so leadership in the underdeveloped nations will have to go the extra mile by treading the path of “alignment with dispensational time-gates” in other to download innovations relevant to our current dispensation, thereby establishing global relevance locally.

As this spirituo-virtual reality takes central stage, “high thoughts” will gradually become the currency that governs the multi-variant sub spheres on the earth, thereby ensuring a consistent upgrade in perspectives.

Global domination, which is the rhetorical discussion of the age as we read the language posture of the nations around the world today, is of utmost importance; it isn’t a matter to be discussed, but rather one to be negotiated for carefully, for the purpose of the preservation of mankind from its self-destructive nature: Leaders then must tread uncharted courses toward the path of the “north gate”, so that they could become human-transmitters of that which is necessary for the sustenance of the future, thereby establishing a climate of stability, if not for all, at least for the select few who understand the need to have their memories etched upon the scripts of their generation while journeying unto perfection.


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