As a generation battles with the veils of previous dispensations, thereby getting distraught in its ability to realize it’s true corporate and aeonic identity, the foundational tenet upon which the Rock of Leadership stands, beckons.

Our capacity for leadership has been eroded by our inability to traverse depths and dimensions of knowledge, shaped by cultural lax, and buried in the whims of our socio-cultural idiosyncrasies.

We want more than we have, yet we subtly despise or disdain the routes to attaining same.

While it’s very obvious that our nation was founded on faulty structures (carefully thought out decisions and policies with ulterior motives, meant to enslave a part of the nation to the other part); further enhanced by an educational curriculum that is filtered, and finetuned to further entrench us in the miasma of post-colonial stench, most people are still beguiled by the destructive notion of self-preservation at the expense of corporate upliftment. Hence the cry and the need for Leadership from beyond the realms of the conventional schools of thought.

Daniel had a vivid revelation about the various civilizations, depicted in the Holy Bible as a Statue with various elementary differences cascading into a final reality of “The Stone Cut Without Hands”, becoming the final civilization before the culmination of the ages. But as much as priests, philosophers, astrologers, atheistic scientists and even the new-agers, have a fair knowledge of this reality, a refusal to acknowledge the fact that man is limited in understanding and must appeal to The Highest One in order to advance the course of wisdom and knowledge, has left mankind in a swirl of recurgitated Wisdom. The capacity to be a co-creator which is inherent in us, is fast being snuffed out by a mentality forged into us by high-powered dark intelligentia’s, who understand the concept of leadership, although theirs is conceived on a perverted paradigm.


Until we have an encounter with The LIFE, we short-change our potential for peanuts. While realms and vortexes of wisdom and knowledge await our conscious and deliberate effort to unlock the new era’s which are custodied in our eternal scripts, our inability to let go of the “familiar horizons” makes us ineligible for that which is to come.

And so there has to be a generation of leaders who’ll emerge on the horizon; these are those who’ll appreciate the labour of the previous eras, yet defy the odds by initiating structural paradigms which will erase the centuries-long clutters of unbelief in our corporate self, disguised as a false sense of contentment in the status quo, and yet a generation yearns for our true deposits by Light.

There is a need for credibility of thought right now. Whole groups, systems and structures must promote this reality on an individual and corporate basis, as an activation code for the rays of Leadership Wisdom to begin to penetrate the fabric of our minds and recultivate our soul orientations. For where the cries of revival and reformation are heavy, it takes Authentic Leadership to further it’s cause.

Emmanuel Sam.

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