The Witness of Fourth Man

The man in the fire, tried and purged by fire in the days of tribulations (the time of the beast and his image) but standing fast to his faith and growing in wisdom that his face becomes bright thereby turning many unto righteousness and becoming a star of God. (Days of the burning ones).

These are the days when the Fourth Seal is being unlocked, where the pale horse is being released and its rider is death followed closely by hades and these are given power to destroy the fourth part of the earth by the sword and by the beasts of the earth… Rev. 6:7-8 . The sword being increased warfare in the form of radical terrorism and extremism, warfare between nations, disease pandemics. Hunger as a result of reduction in food security globally. A food crisis in East Africa due to the current Locust infestation that is spreading rapidly in Eastern part of Africa.

The “beasts of the earth” in the form of men (princes/rulers of darkness) that are employed to strategically order the population, causing wars, using bio-weapons and other deceitful methods in taking lives from the earth in order to empower their dark altars, thereby strategically ushering in the “image of the beast globally”, which shall in turn usher in the antichrist.


The “fourth angel” is being released over the earth and is pouring out his vial in the sun causing great heat to scorch men (in the form of rapid climate change) which is causing heat waves across the nations, fire outbreaks (fire outbreaks in Brazil, Australia; heatwave across Europe and recently Nigeria), and melting of the ice in the northern hemisphere which is causing an increase in water level at sea thereby leading to an increase in floods globally. The fourth angel was given power to released judgements against a facet of creation. By the ordinances of the heaven, he is setting the dominion of God in that regard upon the earth.
Rev. 8:12

The gates of the northern hemisphere are open and a northern revival fire is being lighted up. The fire from south America is spreading to north America even unto the very gates of Russia and will overtake the nation of Russia . Many shall be turned unto God. The atheist shall call upon my name when my Glory overwhelms the land. Hallelujah!

The Lord is calling His “stars” out by their names and numbers. These are the days of the Revelation of the Bright and Morning Star . The Revelation of the “Seed of the woman” as the “Sun of righteousness”. God told Abraham; ” look unto the skies, count the stars, so shall thy seed be “. Sons are rising after the order of the seed (The Bright and Morning Star) with a light greater than the light of the (fallen) son of the morning (known as the prince of the darkness of this world). The saints of God are being called unto stardom and a heightened realm of intelligence and wisdom, because they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament and they that turn many unto righteousness as the stars forever and ever. Daniel 12:3 . This is what will enable the saints to live above the high level demonic technology being birthed in our time and to interact with same intelligently, in order to avoid contamination by the demonic wisdom, structures and systems of this world.

The Lord is calling forth his chosen nations in the earth. The ” stars of nations ” (the Angelic princes of nations) are aligning in their courses against the forces of sisera (the systems and structures) that are obstructing the chosen nations of God.

The “stars” are moving in their courses after the order of the Bright and Morning Star . The great arch angel sent to war for the saints is being released. The “Captain of the Lord’s host”, is fighting and is releasing angelic princes of nations that have been bound with chains and fetters of iron. The nations of God are rising and the gates of the nations of God are shut against the pale horse and his rider who is death closely followed by hades.

The nations of God are breaking forth and the lines are falling for them in pleasant places. The heritage of the nations in Christ, is being awakened. The Lord is dividing nations according to the number of the saints of God for an Inheritance unto glory.

The Lord shall have the portion of His Inheritance in all nations.

Wisdom Emmanuel

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