“If we say that we have fellowship with Him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth”. 1 John 1:6

We live in very crucial times on the planet. God is getting to, and shaking the very foundation of thrones and kingdoms currently, thereby uprooting all of man-made systems and structures in other to establish His government: and this isn’t just another religious statement, He is exhuming even that which may have been buried and forgotten in other to restore Kingdom Order in the affairs of men.

At the nucleus of the kingdom government on earth, the concept which establishes the balance that will in turn allow for the Light of His glory to permeate every sphere and territory that’s inhabited on this planet thereby fulfilling His kingdom agenda, is shrouded in the “mystery of fellowship”.

Fellowship in the kingdom of God is beyond going into corporate worship circles on Sundays as we are accustomed to. It is beyond attending prayer meetings and Christian music concerts: True fellowship is an action in which there is a conscious decision to be “TRUE TO ONE’S SELF BEFORE GOD” thereby allowing for His Light to infiltrate any area of darkness in us so that we can become effective Transmitters of the True Light on earth.

Fellowship is a conscious act of giving one’s self daily to heaven’s mandate for the purpose of pleasing The Father God while simultaneously allowing Him govern our internal and external environment; this way an inseparable bond is established and we become objects of His jealousy, which is necessary if one must have a strategic advantage over our fellows, in a world compassed about by dark forces.


THE MASTER desires that we live and breathe an atmosphere of fellowship so that He can become our permanent abode. This is key to establishing His Dominion by us in every place on the earth.

The Apostle Paul established the fact that the Gentile Nations were going to come to God through a governmental system known as “The Davidic Tabernacle”; which is a system of governance whose governing principles are generated from a place of intimate union (fellowship), and also discoveries are made in line with His predestined agendas custodied in heavenly scrolls which can only be discerned by tried and true hearts.

The foundation for true fellowship with Jesus is the motive behind the relationship. Therefore as we go through the various phases which characterize our earthly sojourn, tried and tested motives will be part of the qualification process required for us to access new measures of authority and power required to continually unlock greater realms of glory in Christ Jesus, which is necessary for the fulfillment of our individual and corporate destinies in God.

May the light in us not be darkness as was characteristic of the Pharisees of Jesus’ day, during His earthly ministry. May we learn to walk in the “True Light” so that we can be qualified unto the apostleship of the knowledge of His glory to the territories and spheres of the earth.


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