As we journey toward the culmination of the ages, the emphasis in the kingdom of God will no longer be on accomplishments by individuals, corporations or nations; rather the emphasis of true kingdom life and establishment will be based on the premise of “Fellowship” with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ: 1 John 1:1-3. For the essence of the coming of the Messiah in the first place, is to the intent that the life of Jesus Christ may be transmitted into all of mankind as well as all of creation thereby reprogramming all things to realign with “True Originality” – which is revealed as the life and essence of all things springing forth from the Throne of The Father and of Jesus Christ. This shall then be the culmination of all things: Revelation 22:1-2 & 5.

True fellowship establishes oneness with the Godhead and is proof of the seal of the Holy Spirit upon our lives; this also entrenches the reality of true “celestial nature” in Him: 1 Corinthians 6:17. For it is written, “as He is, so are we in this world” 1 John 4:17; and this can only be the case where there is true fellowship which establishes that oneness. It is the foundation for the security of the heritage of Christ Jesus in creation and inherent therein is an internally propelled sequence upon which the program of influence by the government of the kingdom of God and heaven is established.


True fellowship stems from an assurance of our identity in God, which then ensures a resoluteness to remain rooted in Him based on the foreknowledge of that knowledge, thereby allowing His essence to begin to orchestrate our reality as it has to do with all areas of our lives, ranging from relationships, to career life, to economic as well as our futuristic aspirations etc. This is so, because inherent in the code of life is a written program containing the various stages of growth as well as all that establishes the boundaries of its reality thereby framing its abilities and inherent capacities; therefore all of the stages which that life is meant to reveal or manifest is creation is inherent in the genes. The spirit of fellowship ensures that we are deprogrammed of our carnal nature and reprogrammed into our spirit nature in Christ Jesus indicating the need to depend on that “Life which is the Light of Men” in us, so that we can grow up into Him in all things and so become living emissaries of the God-head on the earth; Ephesians 4:15.

Finally, while fellowship is a journey into the multi-variant realms inside of Christ Jesus, it also demands a collaboration among saints who may have differing views due to several factors ranging from doctrinal differences, to opposing theological foundations or diverse personal experiences etc.

Migration into intimate levels of relationship with Jesus and the brethren will expose the kingdom pilgrim into understanding the progressive nature of Truth and Life; and this is what the entire journey of life whether on earth or in the afterlife, is all about. Therefore we must be meek enough to appreciate the differing views of others while weighing it by the Spirit of Truth, otherwise the structure of love which governs the atmosphere of fellowship with the brethren may fall apart. The motivation while in fellowship must therefore be a desire to grow and help others grow into the knowledge of Him Who is The Truth, while allowing for the Holy Spirit to fill up the knowledge gaps and theological deficiencies.

23rd January 2020.

Emmanuel Sam

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