In seasons of unprecedented change, characterized by social upheavals stemming from civil unrest, leading to the loss of lives and property worth billions nationwide (such as we have and are currently witnessing in our country at the moment), there are more challenges which we may have to grapple with long after the violence has been quelled; whole Governments, Religious Organizations, Corporate Organizations, Academic and Professional Institutions etc, will have to grapple with the emotional and mental imbalance in the greater population of the masses, which is a result of the shock stemming from the loss of loved ones, sudden loss of jobs and property; while for those who joined the rhythm of the beat as a result of being caught up in the negative wind of the moment, they may also have to deal with the weight of the evil acts they got caught up in, on their conscience, which will constantly affect their disposition towards effectiveness in all areas of life as well as grimace their countenance.

In such a time as this, the kind of leadership required to reset the “National Aptitude” of our great country is a leadership characterized by a mixed blend of objectivity, compassion and leniency, moral fortitude, wisdom and the charisma to inspire hope and faith in a future which at the moment seems so bleak. The recent tide of events in several states of our Country is proof of leadership ineptitude at all levels, whether it is in political governance, the organized church setting or other socio-economic organizations and institutions.

We must not confuse positional leadership to mean that we’re leaders; neither does being a Pastor, Rabbi, Imam or Prophet, Senator or President, CEO or Managing Director, Minister or Technical Professional connote leadership. Whereas most people think all of these are expressions of leadership, “Genuine Leadership is actually an Art and a Skill”. It is elusive in nature yet its effect can be felt tangibly. It is administered based on keenness of foresight, with discerning power for the purpose of ingeniously administering same within the boundaries of the leader’s jurisdiction, thereby creating an innovatively viable environment in which creative idealization by inspiration within the context of that which is deemed right and suitable for a peaceful and profitable coexistence, is allowed to thrive in all areas of human endeavour, while ensuring the effective administration of same by wisdom, in order to sustain the developmental strides of each successive leadership era.

Strategic, futuristically oriented inventiveness is a major characteristic of effective leadership and is key to maximizing seasons of sudden disruptions; however a governmental or economic system which stifles the innovative ability of its citizens by establishing systems which are toxic to the innovative health of whole systems, institutions and even individuals, endangers its territory and so bequeaths its right to leadership and its territorial integrity to alien forces.


A major challenge which has escalated into what we are witnessing today, is a lack of succession planning in our entire governmental structural processes. The protests are foundationally a result of suppressed and misdirected energy, eroded with negative emotions which stem from several decades long leadership and managerial imbalance. Our unaccountable leadership styles especially within circles of power and political governance, communicate a whole lot about the perception of the political class towards its citizens. Ethnic bigotry which is deeply rooted in our entire structural framework as a Nation across the various spheres and systems of human interaction and vocation, completely blots out the need for any sense of patriotism; this in itself is a fracture on our National Structure as they are two opposing forces which cannot allow for an internal cohesion in a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual society and Nation such as ours; and so we must retrace our ideological framings and their sources, root out all divisive elements such as that which has just been illustrated, as well as revise and address the imbalance in our National Constitution towards a “Values Driven and Values Oriented Society”, which esteems the sanctity and dignity of human life, and also the principles of fairness and equity in all ramifications and across the entire spectrum of governance, whether territorially, institutionally, corporately or communally.

There must be bridge building strides across all classes of the society, reconciling paradigms so that the pain of past experiences could be eased to a reasonable degree, while pleasure orientations must be snuffed out to the barest minimum for an effective reformation process, with an emphasis on leadership accountability. For unless these and much more characterize the order of the new leadership paradigm of our Nation, the decades long culture of distrust which has been sown by previous and present Religious, Political and Economic leaders will give rise to more and more upheavals which will further mar any chance of a brighter future for our Nation, which should be characterized by an active collaboration between the citizenry and its leaders.


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