Leadership is the Father’s heart cry in this hour. The Body of Christ is in dire need of authentic Throneroom-oriented leadership, which will be able to selflessly but by the Holy Ghost, galvanize the hungry at heart, who seem to have an insatiable hunger for Him Who may be unknown to many, but whom the tangibility of His reality in this hour and dispensation cannot be denied.

The seemingly complex albeit siamese-like nature of the Revival-Reformation move of the Spirit of God in this hour, calls for authentic leaders, with authentic Spirit-approved credentials, who will not just discern the times and declare the Word of The Lord; but who through intimacy with God, have become the embodiment of Christ as Blueprints, Wisdoms, Strategies and Dispensers of the anointing to implement and execute that which their celestial DNA is programmed after. These are those leaders whom “the world is not worthy of”, yet will not be able to resist their reality in operation, as dimensions of The Christ Himself in men.


The transitional nature of the workings of Christ Jesus in creation, demands that potential and actual leaders in this generation, metamorphose in our thinking, and begin to accurately function from the place of spiritual heritage in Christ, authenticating our ordinations and appointments by Him, so that the wavelengths of His Light in us can infiltrate and reshape the blueprints and actual structures founded on past civilizations, into that which He intends for them to Become in this era.

But as the scripture states, “the labour of the foolish wearieth every one of them, because he knoweth now how to go to the city”. The How to has always been the challenge for leaders, and so many of us have pitched our tents at the hallmarks of revival, without establishing the latter, which is a reformation. This has in effect rendered the Body ineffective, as cosmic gates once dispossessed from thrones of darkness, have been repossessed in most cases, with that which was supposed to be Light epicenters, once again becoming fortresses of dark spirits.

The Spirit of reformation, is in the process of equipping men who are sonship-driven; those whose sole motivation is inheritance and heritage transfer for the establishment of the covenant purposes of God. Those who aren’t just adept with the revelation of the Word, but who are the manifestation of the celestio-terrestrial fusion of the God-man reality, because of their love for His person and the desire to give Him the pleasure He truly deserves. This is because the days ahead will be marked by lots of uncertainties, where only those who have learned to navigate in partnership with the inner workings of the mystery of Light, will light up the path for men to tread.

Welcome to the era of difference and distinction.

Join the array!

Emmanuel Sam.

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