The greatest threat to the distinctive manifestation of the male figure’s true self within the context of his originality, is the “spirit of lawlessness”: this can otherwise be referred to as “a state of being out of order”.

Order in simple terms can be defined as an alignment to constituted authority, and this is true both in the invisible and visible realms; while the opposite of order is chaos.

Order is factored into the DNA of matter, hence it becomes the foundational reality behind form and structure. This abstract dynamic, which is the reality behind the cohesion of matter and every created thing in the universe, expresses itself in the form of principles and laws.

Inherent in every male figure, is the seed of leadership. Nature in itself has proven over several millennia that according to the constituted government of the universe, the orderliness of the male being, configures the physical, social and spiritual environment of any society through well-structured thought processes founded on knowledge and insight into the ways and manner in which the various components of creation interrelate with each other.

This is immediately obvious when we observe the fact that from the smallest but most significant unit of the society, which is “The Family”, the male figure is the initiator and progenitor of it. Although in-between dispensations, the female folk in sparse proportions have stewarded dimensions of leadership in several facets of society and have been distinguished in their endeavours and commended for their efforts, globally this has become a common reality in the past 50-60 years; the male figure is still the pilot of the affairs of society while their feminine counterpart are more effective in their supportive role. Therefore the males still represent the symbol of leadership in all ramifications and our individual and corporate disposition is pivotal to the direction of the planetary administration.

From a negative perspective also, the world of crime and several other nefarious operations reveal the scourge of this plague over the males. This is why more males fill up the prisons, the scourge of irresponsible fatherhood has become a major threat to the manifestation next generation because role models who would impart the necessary self-esteem required to become self-motivated toward becoming the best of one’s self are seriously lacking. More males are involved in drugs, alcoholism and the corporate societal pandemic of chasing the mundane at the expense of the next generation; we may not be able to attach a definite ratio to the sum, but isn’t this reality immediately obvious all around us!

The misdirection of the male entity is a crack on the foundational unit of society, which is the family unit; this is because the functionality of the male figure in his originality is intricately wired around the principle of initiation hence a director by nature and within the context of their jurisdictions of responsibility per time.

A popular adage says this, and I quote:

So goes the male, so goes the family.
So goes the male, so goes the society.
So goes the male, so goes the nation.

Therefore the misdirected male by whatever reason is a foundational threat to our corporate existence. The male figure’s function is wired to exude energy; and these principles are illustrated in his sexual role, work life, and as stated earlier, his ability to give direction etc. We all know that energy is good and required for a smooth running of the earthly ecosystem when managed within proper boundaries, but when misdirected or mismanaged, it could bring about catastrophic consequences. This is illustrated in the activity of toddlers; most parents are excited to watch their kids jump around and exhaust their energy especially in their basic mental and physical formation stages, but if they aren’t watched over carefully, they could channel such energy into destructiveness thereby converting the same positive energy into a destructive element.


The lack of direction and the need for development into leadership, in the male figure is inspired by, but not limited to the following:

  1. The lack of an accurate understanding of the role, function and purpose of the male in the establishment of an ideal society.
  2. The lack of an understanding of, or an outright refusal to submit to the “constituted authority” in creation, and such as is established by the Creator according to the due order.
  3. The lack of knowledge about the generic nature of structured order in the universe.
  4. The lack of sufficient wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the nature, purpose and power of order, as well as the benefits of adhering to it.
  5. Ignorance about the configuration of principles, i.e the law of cause and effect.
  6. Ignorance about the need for an accountable disposition and attitude as a progenitor for the security of the society and generations yet unborn.
  7. Lack of a sense of the need for significant living; this is mostly due to low self-esteem, wrong self-image, the lack of a sense of self-worth, hence a wrong orientation to life.
  8. Ignorance about the legal implications guiding the administration of the universal structure by the invisible forces assigned the task of ensuring planetary and cosmic alignment.

It behooves the male figure therefore to become unflinchingly intentional in his aspiration towards leadership. While there is an obvious generational drift away from the highways of leadership, into overestimating the illuminating meteors of entrepreneurship, we must bear in mind that leaders initiate, administer and establish laws which govern the economic environment in which businesses thrive. And so we must of necessity ensure that the leadership factor becomes foundational to charting the course of our individual and corporate aspirations, it must become a foundational element in our interrelationship strides and economic permutations corporately, nationally and internationally; underlying corporate, national and institutional policies as well as constitutions should be a crafting of wisdom, which should act as catalysts, activating in individuals a desire to take on the baton of responsibility in integrity, truth, honesty and also in acknowledgment of the realities which govern the administration of authority, both in the invisible and in the visible universe.

In order to achieve this, the male must rise to the call, take responsibility and once again become the foundation of society by righteousness, as it was originally meant to be.

Emmanuel Sam

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