There are highways, by-ways and pathways of the administrations of wisdom which regulate the activities surrounding the structures and systems by which we are governed. Whether political, economic, social or otherwise, these “abstract structures” regulate and inform strategic orchestrations in strategic seasons and times, which determine the direction of the lives of any people whether it be individually or corporately. It is out of the administrations of these abstract structures which orchestrate seasonal changes over nations, systems and structures that leaders are forged. These administrations may play out in the earth realm as unusual circumstances such Apartheids, Wars, National Upheavals, Economic Recession and Depression, Global Pandemics, Political Variations, Counterculture Clashes, Cultural Decadence etc: which then give rise to Industrial and Technological Innovations, Economic Value Reassessment, Cultural Reorientation, Leadership Reintegration etc; At the heart of all of these, is where strategic leaders are discovered, nurtured and revealed.

The coordinates of wisdom and knowledge to navigate through challenges and proffer solutions within certain jurisdictions, are worked into the hearts and minds of leaders, such that a leader becomes an embodiment of the solution to the challenges to which the leader is assigned by the divine order. Therefore, when deficiencies in huge proportions linger in any environment longer than necessary, its proof of a lack of quality leadership.

A Basic Posture of Quality Leaders

Quality leaders possess “high thoughts” which activates the spirit of influence. They trade off the mundane in order to lay hold on the significant. They also know that the quality or the content of the curriculum they feast on, establishes the coordinates of their future. It determines the mental template which informs their social reality.


Excuses are snares on the path of leadership development. Aspiring and established leaders must understand that even though we all (most African, South American Nations and their Eastern Counterparts) have been victims of dispensational fractures, which are founded upon some certain clandestine cosmic permutations with earthly interpretations by inspiration, from within the hearts of kings and rulers of the nations, unusual wavelengths of uncommon wisdom residing on the “highways (or realms) of man’s existence”, craft civilizations for the enhancement of the lives of people. These unusual wavelengths of uncommon wisdom can only be gained insight into by men of heights.

Leaders are always conscious of the need to “lift the bar”; you cannot think like a commoner and function effectively in leadership; as a matter of fact, it is an aberration on the principle of rulership.

For instance, the wisdom behind the construction of an aircraft from its architectural, to its mechanical and electrical designs, to its eventual construction and computation processes and stages, are far more complex than that of an automobile; even though the both of them convey people and goods from one location to another, the value factor which is tied to the principles surrounding its functional processes such as the fact that an aircraft has to defy the law of gravity for a lengthy period of time, yet accomplishes its task in such a short time duration as compared to an automobile, establishes a higher value factor and distinctive nature in favour of the former rather than the latter.

Your leadership ability is intrinsically woven into your inherent authority which is wired into your DNA, and can only find optimum expression when your desire for distinction far outweighs your decision to live in “survival mode”. Knowledge and wisdom are key components in leadership development – however, Knowledge is free but not cheap. Wisdom on the other hand is a hidden treasure, but curiosity fetches it out. Therefore a major characteristic of aspiring leaders or of leadership effectiveness, is the ability to ask the right kind of questions which by our sincere perception, are relevant to our future destinations.

Below are a few rhetorical questions which I believe could expand our scope in this regard:

  1. What kind of curriculum feeds our internal substance/potentials daily?
  2. What is the make-up of our thought concept and thought content?
  3. How much value do we place on Wisdom and Knowledge (intangible currencies) as against the tangible (money and perishables)?
  4. What is the horizon of our aspirational disposition?
  5. How much do we uphold the core principles which establish convictions that are relevant to our futuristic jurisdictions?

I believe that a culture of personal accountability especially in the area of convictions and values, greatly enhances our ability to become all that we are meant to become. They understand how to weave their values and convictions into the fabric of their policies, organizational and institutional laws, thereby modelling the abstract structure into the natural realm. They understand that reality is shaped by motives and convictions driven by understanding the administration of wisdom.

Changing the Narrative for Future Generations

General George Washington was reputed to be a man of sound moral values, faith, a commitment to national prosperity, quiet modesty, kindness, courteousness and visionary leadership.

In the year 1777, he caught a vision for the future of the USA, which has been handed down from generation to generation for about 240 years; this has become a national treasure and “strategic map” for securing and preserving the posterity of the USA.

Even though the scourge of the centuries-long slavery as well as the decisions from the Berlin Conference of 1887 greatly affected and negatively impacted our continent, this isn’t unique to Africa. A research into history establishes the fact that se veral other continents and countries have fought for the emancipation of, and broken out of pre-colonial and colonial shackles, especially in the past century. Individuals, inspired by the drive to change the society, rose up and changed the narrative; and their ideas began to inspire the formation of socio-physical structures, which became movements not driven by selfish ambitions, but by a motivation to see their desired future established.

Most of the leaders who emerged these way were once normal people, who made the same mistakes every aspiring leader makes. But their overriding sense of justice, equity and the drive for positive change geared towards establishing a new order, overshadowed their errors and caused their “horns” to break through the cloud of mediocrity and conventional assertions into charting new pathways, which over time have become a conurbation of several structures and systems.

Emmanuel Sam.

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