The Dispensational Paradigm Shift for the Church, the Corporate Sector and for Nations

As the world experiences a complete overhaul from its former orientations into entirely new celestial configurations as a result of God’s decision to override the aspirations of men in order to further His global harvest agenda, the leaders in the kingdom of God must begin to realign themselves for effective functionality within the context of the new kingdom paradigm.

Nations are convulsing as the vulnerabilities of corporate structures founded on kleptomaniac ideals are being exposed. The astral lines of sorcery over the nations of the world are losing alignment and so territorial identities which have been clogged in the murky idiosyncrasies of “multinational predators” are beginning to reconnect to their true bearings as ordained by their Creator. The wings of the “red dragon” who seeks to recolonize the world through the spirit of Communism is being clipped even as its counterpart (The white beast) is currently being stripped of its global influence.

In order to be able to attain to our futuristic aspirations whether individually or corporately, leaders of the kingdom must once again seek the face of Yeshua for higher level consecrations in our innermost being, thereby ensuring accuracy of discernment in navigating the tidal waves which the future brings. We must come to that place where we become mature navigators, and this only comes by a “fiery consecration” that purges the spirit of the world in us, so that we can access the power and influence over nations, thus establishing the Covenant of the heritage of sons. Psalm 2:8, Revelation 2:18-20, 26.

This cannot be possible with the idolatrous seasoning which coats our impressionistic expression of Christianity. While we have celebrated and found solace in our religiosity, God has gone ahead in His mercy to deliver us by creating a shaking around the globe as well as within us in order to uproot the “idols” in us, so as to establish our innocence in the courts of heaven, thereby qualifying us for the next phase of His dispensational agenda.

Does this imply that all multinational corporations, or those as well as nations whose whole ideals and philosophy for engagement at both national and international levels are going to be obliterated from the global scene: not necessarily. But the modus operandi of several multinationals as well as nations will, and have already come under judgment as the “veils” in the mid-heavens over several nations have been torn. People all of a sudden are beginning to question policies of foreign nations, postulations of “World Traders” will come under deep scrutiny, nations will begin to reassess their socio-economic status and a great rebellion will come against some foreign powers who have plundered the developing nations for decades if not centuries…not minding the consequences, some national leaders will go against the decisions of World Organs, whose subtle policies engender sinister motives in order to inflict hardships and exploit their resources to their disadvantage: in other words, right now, God is uprooting every impediment to “National Distinction” thereby shredding of the tentacles of the “beast” called “Globalization” which is actually a subtle strategy by predatory nations to re-colonize their prey (developing nations).



The leaders of this decade must know how to navigate the various spheres of endeavour with the ability to wield the swords of both Spiritual and Civil Authority, depending on which requires prioritization over the other within the context of their current jurisdictions, by wisdom. A blend of discipline and compassion must become the bedrock upon which the corporate structures headed by kingdom citizens are established in order to have a redemptive essence to their tasks and orientations.

Policies must now be crafted in such a way that the corporate destinies of churches, organizations or nations perfectly exhibit fairness to the human being by esteeming spirituality as the foundation for defining competence. The dignity of the human being must be highly esteemed (establishing the principle of internal territorial integrity) while the profit motive, becomes complimentary to the former. For the quality of the nation is determined by the quality of its people…in collaboration with those in positions of spiritual authority, every single strand of opinion, belief or philosophy which releases the spirit of insecurity in personal, corporate or national life must be extinguished.

There has to be a reset in our minds. A community mentality must override the mindset of selfishness. The apostolic as well as the prophetic spirit must be tapped into from within our spiritual DNA, and its resources exploited to the fullest if we’re going to be able to create curriculums and build systems, uniquely adapted to our national and corporate life yet with the capacity to interact on the global scene; according to the divine template from God for reclaiming the spiritual, mental and physical infrastructure from the dilapidation caused by demonic influences, known by the name of “world powers”.

Men like Joseph and Daniel in the Old Testament of the bible, were a true depiction of people who were endowed with apostolic and prophetic mantles, yet were fully functional in the midst of pagan cultures… but moreso, they were able by their wisdom and humility in service, to shift whole cultures and shape policies such that prophetic fulfillment which could’ve tarried or could never have been fulfilled, actually found expression.


Whether standing actively just in the place of spiritual authority (the Church Organ) or in civil authority i.e the spheres of society, active collaboration between the duo by strategic instructions from the Holy Spirit, is key to reclaiming our heritage as kingdom leaders. Fellowships that birth true apostolic and prophetic authority which unlocks the treasure realms of heaven over the earth and launches men into unimaginable realms of exploits over time in line with the dispensational blueprint of heaven, makes tremendous help available from heaven, which has the capacity to adjust the permutations of thrones on earth thereby establishing the true sons of God on the advantage.

And so forerunners of God’s global agenda for the reclamation of nations must seek to align with those whom God has set over nations, cities and regions as watchmen, for strategic positioning and the release of mantles for function, which would dramatically transform the landscape from that which is, to that which it ought to be by God’s help.

The core of our personal responsibility is to ensure that our “vessels” are detoxified of paradigms that have become archaic in the sight of God; embrace the new from His perspective, yield to His leading and fix our gaze on Him whose voice is upon the waters of life that flow from within, thereby revealing the knowledge of His glory over the entire earth as the waters cover the seas.

Emmanuel Sam.

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