We are currently living in very strange, yet very interesting times. The Holy Bible reveals that in the last days, ” _knowledge shall greatly increase_ ” but prior to that, it says that ” many shall run to and fro“. Daniel 12:4. Running to and fro is a term which is used to depict the navigational mannerisms of the devil. See Job 1:7;therefore many running to and fro signifies the confusion which stems from disillusionment, which is as a result of satanic influence over people’s lives directly or indirectly.

We must also take note of the fact that, the Bible does not give us details into the kind of knowledge which shall increase…meaning that the whole body of knowledge in the cosmic realms of creation will seek to find expression in the earth realm before the culmination of the age; however, the nature and character of the one who encountered this vision (Daniel) is necessary to understand the dimension of knowledge which the angel of God meant, since the preceding verse talks about ” the wise shinning like the firmament “; Kingdom people must pay attention to the above statement, wisdom is profitable to direct.

In times of upheavals such as we are experiencing contemporarily, the key to our stability according to scripture are Wisdom and Knowledge. These two factors have a way of reprogramming the realities surrounding those who live by the truth, establishing them on a pedestal of Light beyond the realms of temporal cosmic recurgitations. See Isaiah 33:6.

Our knowledge base or knowledge template, determines the realm from where we function, and our spiritual-reality is enhanced by a functional consciousness of our realm of authority and functionality as we are privileged to partake of per time, by the delegated right of sonship, as well as steward same contextually if we’re entrusted the right to do so.

The Criteria

Spiritual leadership rooted in sound doctrine founded on an understanding of the Governmental Dynamics of the Throne of Heaven rather than religious interpretations, is the key to activating a new dispensation of Light in a gloomy spirit-culture.

The power of revelation knowledge which transcends veils in the heavenly realms, and which is channelled via “sanitized conduits”, cannot be overemphasized in this day and time; for while many run to and fro due to veiled perspectives and obscure paradigms, Thrones of Knowledge for the dispensing of the contents of the book which was sealed in the time of Daniel, are disbursing their currencies in tranches, for the equipping and projection of the stars of God, who’ll become the seal of His Lordship on the earth, after the Order of the BRIGHT AND MORNING STAR.

Jesus is King!

Emmanuel Sam.

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