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Currently there seems to be some uncertainty about matters relating to the wealth of nations, taking a broad view of the trade rift between USA and CHINA. But what is the underlying factor behind this tussle and what are the spiritual implications? Here is a brief article from Zanny Minton Beddoes , Editor in Chief of The Economy This Week.

Financial markets are often accused of complacency. However, the mood just now is not complacency but anxiety. And it is deepening by the day.

In Germany interest rates are negative all the way from overnight deposits to 30-year bonds .
In Switzerland negative yields extend right up to 50-year bonds. In America, meanwhile, interest rates on ten-year bonds are lower than on three-month bills—a harbinger of recession . Angst is evident elsewhere, too. The safe-haven dollar is up against many other currencies.
Gold is at a six-year high .
Copper prices, a proxy for industrial health, are down sharply . Despite Iran’s seizure of oil tankers in the Gulf, oil prices have sunk to below $60 a barrel . Plenty of people fear that these strange signals portend a global recession. Yet a recession is so far a fear, not a reality. The true problem is that firms and markets are struggling to get to grips with

And that is the result of the trade war between America and China.

Prophetic Connotation !

God is speaking to the nations of the earth through this trade war. Remember the final day battle in the book of Revelation has to do with trade. Revelation 13:11-18 .

The “beast” who has empowered its own to ascend financial gates through “the spirit of communism” while warring against the saints (china has the highest record of openly persecuting the Church as at today), is being judged by The Prince of Peace through His servant who occupies the throne which seeks to enthrone Jesus at the center of world Government (USA).

It is the battle of the Light vs. Darkness; the dragon (chinese symbol of strength revealed in their cultural maps especially the martial arts) versus the King of glory .

While the world applauds Chinese innovators for their inventions without a true knowledge of the source of their inventive capabilities (on a global scale), the current Trade War and Hong kong Riot (a result of the battle for the soul of the nation) is God speaking prophetically to the Body of Christ that the Scepter of Wealth is being retrieved from the dragon who is being judged right now.

So what is the implication of all of these and its connection with Africa?

To be continued…

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The revelation of Truth in the above quoted scripture, indicates that there is a standard which is necessary for us to be able to attain to the fullness of our predetermined future, whether as individuals, corporate entity, state or nation. The notion or idea that somehow because we prophesy, pray or fast we shall somehow fulfill destiny without knowing “the standard rule” required, is a false narrative meant to drown men in our own mental delusion.




As a generation battles with the veils of previous dispensations, thereby getting distraught in its ability to realize it’s true corporate and aeonic identity, the foundational tenet upon which the Rock of Leadership stands, beckons. Our capacity for leadership has been eroded by our inability to traverse depths and dimensions of knowledge, shaped by cultural lax, and[…]