In the month of October 2019, I was in the spirit when the LORD by His mercy began to reveal to me about His plans concerning China, and how He was bringing judgment on a nation who had ascended a Global Economic Throne (a world power through strategic innovation and high level creativity, culminating in global influence and economic dominance over several continents); I captured it as the part one of the above caption. The document is dated 7th October 2019. You may refer to our website to read the full document.

Over the past couple of years, the persecution of the church in China has become such that every true Christian who has a heart of love for the Body of Christ at large, has been truly burdened. Though they’ve tried to contain this unruly evil by ensuring that they’re no sufficient evidences to back up this malevolent acts (thanks to their technological advantage) in order to avoid an escalation of the matter thereby revealing the true state of affairs of the Body of Christ in the Communist-ruled country, the nation of China has been proven to be one of the greatest persecutors of the people of God in the last decade. As a matter of fact several sources have researched on the Nation’s ranking in terms or persecution of Christians and have come up with their factual conclusions: See

It is no longer news that this nation has become a threat to its neighbour country-states. The battle over the So uth China Sea (SCS) is evidence of its insatiable lust for power and global domination by subtle as well as oppressive means which has religious and political undertones…albeit a spiritual warfare for global control. This has further drew the ire of several Nations across the globe especially the United States of America who has been given the “Sword of Justice” in this dispensation of the Glory of God , in order to tame nations who oppose the sovereign ruleeship of Jesus Christ as King and Lord of all.


A general overview of the stories of God’s people all through the Bible, reveals that whenever God’s people encountered an overwhelming opposition and they cried out to God, He always retaliated on their behalf through very unconventional means, through the various elements of creation. From bring plagues, to trees fighting, to stones falling from heaven, the earth opening up and swallowing people, the sea parting for God’s people and closing in on God’s enemies, hail and storm coming on an entire nation, plagues and diseases coming on whole cities and nations etc. This has been God’s way of revealing Himself as the sovereign Ruler and King over all creation, in order to subdue His enemies in times past. Also, when pharoah decided He wanted to show himself as a descendant of fallen gods by hardening his heart against the people of God: See Exodus 9:7, God further hardened his heart in order for the judgment of God to have its full course…See Exodus 7:12, 34 – 35; 10:1, 20, 27, 11:9.

We must discern the Times, read between the lines and discern the “ways of the Spirit of God” so that our continent can position itself in a way in which it can be used of God to establish righteousness among the nation s. While God had used president Trump of the USA to curb the arrogant tentacles of the “dragon’s lair’ that was just the beginning.


I dare say here, that the plagues of Egypt are once again on display. God is showing Himself as the King of The nation’s in order to tame the “proud hearted beast”, whose lust for power and global influence by a “subtle tyranny” which is “the way of the dragon” (if you know the emblem of this nation, you know what I mean) is becoming uncontrollable. And this judgment has real economic implications as several businesses are closing down and shall begin to relocate to other nations, just as the cattle and fruit bearing trees of Egypt were crushed by a stormy hail and fire our of heaven. (Please watch the attached video, get the details and connect the dots).


While several multinationals may bemoan the closure of their companies or industries, “they that be wise shall rejoice, for nations (especially African countries) have been ensnared by her luscious advances and enticing offers whose intent is to enslave the soul of nations to the “spirit of the dragon”; and so it’s fall is the rise of another, for it is written “He changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding”. Daniel 2:21.

In the spirit of the current spate of events, America is beginning to think of onshoring it’s pharmaceutical industries, as a result of disappointments it faces from China, who is fighting to contain the virus and so had to boycott a major ship of pharmaceuticals enroute USA from China in order not to be out of supplies. This will also have grave consequences on the reputation of China which has systematically gained global acceptance through its ingenuity in the sphere is health sciences, whether it is orthodox or unorthodox.

The cloud is heavy, and within the context of the current administration of God’s judgment over the nations, the Spirit of creativity and innovation within the sphere of medical science beckons; for while it seems to be a season of confusion and turmoil for most nations, it is time for the rising of the “Sheep Nations” into rulership of several spheres. And so individuals, territories and nations whose faith stands in the King of kings, Who alone administers the inheritance of the nations, and whose signs in the earth signify the falling of, and the rising of the nations under God, must begin to work out the harvest of their apportioned spheres toward individual and national enthronement, to the glory of God.

…To be Continued!

Emmanuel Sam

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