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There are several factors that surround the development of leaders into thrones of influence over different spheres and territories, for kingdom influence to be fully established in the earth; and unfortunately no single individual is given the autonomy of knowledge. Therefore, from the moment prophetic words are released either from heaven directly to an individual, city, institution or nation, or through a vessel of God to any of the above mentioned entities, several factors come into play. Some may be beyond our control, knowledge or understanding while several others may have “signposts” and indicators pre-informing us about the spiritual reality we are either engaged in, or about to be engaged in…this is vital in order to establish in us, the right heart posture so that we could maximize the essence of the experience and get the best out of it.
One of the major realities every potential and actual leader must face in life is the act of betrayal. Whether in politics, business, church or leadership in other professional endeavours in the various spheres of life, the arrow of betrayal is a major tool which is used to cleanse a leader’s perspective about reality, sharpen discernment and also prove stability of heart and soul in line with the pursuit of one’s purpose. It is a major qualifier in the quest for influence over people, cities, territories or spheres. The dynamism behind the concept is that God allows betrayals, or to put it another way, permits and crafts it into our relational journey along the path towards destiny fulfillment; this is necessary to activate an aspect in us which keeps us broken, as we grow in wisdom, in other for the will of God to find more room for expression inside and through our lives.
One of the ways in which God builds capacity into us is through pain. Just as there are various “constants” (K) as a principle in several fields of study in our vocational and professional dimensions governing this planet, pain is a constant along the path towards attaining “glory heights” in the earth. This is because a most unstable department in the faculty of the soul is the emotions: (a major frailty in mankind); it is a major window through which the weaknesses or cracks in the character of an individual are revealed, and so God established Pain in the journey of destiny to disciple our emotions unto maturity.
However, our perspective to pain within the context of kingdom reality, determines the pace of the movement of sequential configurations which surround our individual metrons from our thrones in Christ Jesus, meant to find expression on the earth.
Also God in His infinite wisdom and in order not to weary us, had to grant us “joy of heart” beyond human comprehension to soothe our souls through the rigours of our journey in Him. Nehemiah 8:10, Habakkuk 3:16-19.
Since after the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, the thrones of the earth went out of alignment thereby establishing veiled perspectives and perceptions. The thrones were not taken out of place but were obscured by darkness after the order of Genesis 1:2…”and darkness was upon the face of the deep”. It took the ordinance of a sacrifice for a re-alignment of thrones, and also for the re-establishment of “True Reality” on the earth once again; This was established as sacrifices of animals from the Garden of Eden by God Himself (Genesis 3:21), through the entire old testament and then the “Ultimate Sacrifice” in the New Testament, which is Jesus Christ Himself.
Factored into the configuration of thrones for a recalibration of territories and spheres to re-align with the original intent of God for mankind on earth, is the “spirit of sacrifice”; and there is no sacrifice without pain. This is why the Apostle Paul wrote that we should “…present our bodies as a living sacrifice unto the Lord, as holy and acceptable, and that this is our acceptable service”. Romans 12:2 (Paraphrased). The import of becoming a “living sacrifice” in a present continuous tense, is that at every point of advancement in the journey of destiny from one level to another, a certain dimension of sacrifice must be offered; this is also because with every level of advancement the believer makes in line with the divine purposes of God, there is a greater recalibration and alignment with the kingdom of heaven, so that a higher level of influence is established. This is why the bible says “…the path of the Just is as a shining light, that shines more and more unto the perfect day”. Proverbs 4:18.
With every dimension of pain we experience by divine permission, when interpreted correctly and when we yield ourselves to its dealings in order to glean wisdom from the experience(s), God’s judgment is automatically released upon veils in our hearts which have altered God’s program in us, meant to align with the configuration of our heavenly thrones inside of Christ Jesus for generating influence upon the earth. Nevertheless the King and Great High Priest, calls the shots and so we do not determine the dealings, rather we yield to His leadings. As Great High Priest, He determines the sacrifices of our lives per time because sacrifices produce fragrances or incense which is what God the Father desires. And so Jesus, by the Holy Spirit in us orchestrates paths according to the configuration of our thrones in Him which can produce the right fragrance and quality of incense which pleases The Father, Who now decides to establish judgment on our behalf; firstly because His mercy and favour has located us, and secondly because the fragrances from our lives appeals to Him; so that we receive verdicts from the courts of heaven in line with the prophetic blueprint of God for our lives as a result, and this manifests as strategic progressions and promotions from one phase of destiny to another in line with the will of God.
The young shepherd boy and sweet psalmist of Israel, was a young man whose life’s journey toward and after enthronement was a vivid example of the administration of the Throne of Glory over a territory. From his lifestyle of worship and attitude toward God in the secret place, his sentimental attachment to God founded on genuine love, even when such a revelation had not been revealed to the nation of Israel. His life’s journey especially after the anointing of kingship came upon Him from God through the prophet Samuel, conveys configurations and maps, revealing heaven’s territorial administrations for the establishment of the throne of God, in and through the life of a man, founded on Justice and Judgment. Nevertheless his life was characterized by several layers of betrayals; some from trusted allies such as his counsellor Ahitophel, Joab, his wife and “trophy” from the conquer of the philistine army, and another young man whose betrayal led to the killing of over eighty priests in the land; also several attempts were made on his life as a result of the reality before him. Therefore the bible clearly states that the government of Jesus Christ in whose image we are re-created, is established upon the “Throne of David” (the governmental system and structural patterns of the kingdom of God, revealed through the life of David) thereby establishing God’s kingdom government upon the earth.
Our positive response to kingdom engendered pain is a major key to unlocking the wisdom of thrones. The fragrances which ooze out of our sacrificial lives, convert our spiritual reality into becoming incense which ascends before the throne of the Father. And when the incense of our lives are offered to God by meaningful sounds from hearts that adore Him, it establishes the fact that not only are our lives being laid on the altar before the throne of God, but that we (the sacrificial elements) have understood the need of heaven and are totally yielded to the lifestyle of sacrifice, even though the experiences may not always be pleasant in the natural. Nevertheless the Fruit of the Spirit, which keeps us soaring above the laws and ordinances by which forces of darkness legislate over the sons of God, is worked into us sufficiently enough not just to have a good walk with the King, but also to establish our thrones of influence when we eventually sit on “thrones of glory” in the earth. 1 Samuel 2:8.

Jesus is king!
Emmanuel Sam

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