The transition into the Hebrew Year 5780 signifies a decade of a tremendous shift for the Body of Christ. The Spirit of influence beckons on the sons of men to take on spiritual responsibility in order to effectively align ourselves in this strategic season of upgrades, coronations and prophetic advancement.

The challenge however is that there are a few people in all the territories and spheres of the earth who truly discern and understand the technical dynamics required in order to transition upward, from one realm of function to another on the path to fulfillment of destiny. This of course stems from the fact that our religious and socio-cultural climate submerges aspirations towards distinction outside of the jurisdiction of man’s comprehension. And so as a result of veiled perspectives, there is a constant misrepresentation of “True Reality”. These misrepresentations in turn shape paradigms of men after the curriculum of principalities of darkness whose thrones establish mammoth systems and structures which oppose any and everything which represents God on the earth.

This is further evidenced by the fact that many people with great destinies are swallowed in the belly of “religious beasts”, embalmed by doctrines which dampen their spirituo-cognitive processes, thereby giving them a false sense of fulfillment; but for those whose hunger for God supersede the whimsical substitutes which the status-quo has to offer, that inner void which cannot be filled with anything short of “The Glory of Jesus Christ” in its dynamic measures of expression within the context of divine election, keeps beckoning from the Throne of Glory within; and the true kings of God whose sole motivation is to establish His governing influence on earth will discern the “voice of the trumpet”.

A sure proof of the sound of the trumpet beckoning on the kings of God to “come up hither” in order to chart new courses for the establishment of glory thrones in the earth, is a most unusual emanation of adversity on all sides. Trumpet sounds from heaven are expressed on earth as parallel trends of schismatic expressions in all spheres of mankind’s endeavour. But while these trends set men in confusion, true sons will be able to discern “Ultimate Reality” out of the climate of mixed realities, which is a sign of a clash of heavenly thrones, manifesting in the world of men as countercultures, ideological shifts and paradigm recalibrations etc.


The scripture expressly reveals that before the seven angels whose trumpet sounds were meant to stir up global as well as dispensational changes in the earth could begin to sound their trumpets, sufficient prayers and incense (commensurate to a measure which could stir up kingdom shifts on a global scale) had to be offered on the altar before the throne of God in heaven. And afterwards, the angel had to take up coals of fire from the altar of heaven and cast it into the earth, resulting in verdicts being released out of heaven into the earth, thunders, lightening and earthquakes (both physical and symbolic of the demolition of satanic structures and systems on earth). See Revelation 8.


Year 5780 – 5789 is one of those rare decades which will be characterized by the righteous judgments of God filling the earth in response to the earnest prayers and incense of His faithful saints spread out all across the globe. This is also the result of verdicts of various councils in the courts of heaven, whose inheritance in Christ Jesus will be fully established in and by us in this dispensation according to the will of God.

If the kings of God must discern the word of the Lord in its measures per time, and also align effectively to the template required to steward the influence being released from the throne of God in this hour, as well as mirror same in the various territories and spheres of the earth, there has to be an upgrade in wisdom and knowledge. For until our “disposition in Light” is at par with the “realm of Light” from which the revelation of His image in creation is currently expressing itself within the context of the blueprint for this dispensation and time, we disqualify ourselves from ascending the very thrones in which we have been called to occupy. Therefore the need for consistent upgrade in the wineskin in order to be able to accommodate the new wine of His essence, stay current, partake in the custodianship of blueprints of thrones and structures of the kingdom of heaven in Christ Jesus, and also develop capacity to generate the wisdom necessary for the establishment of those heavenly thrones in the earth culminating in the civilization of heaven on earth.

Jesus is King!

“Emmanuel Sam”

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