Keep back thy servant also from presumptuous sins; let them not have dominion over me: then shall I be upright, and I shall be innocent from the great transgression. Psalm 19:13.

This psalm came from the very depth of the man king David, who was reputed to be “a man after God’s heart”. Preceding this line, he speaks about:

  • The mysteries of God embedded in creation, as a prophetic watchman that he was: Vs 1-6
  • The source of his depths of spiritual enlightenment, soulish transformation and discerning abilities for expression wisdom for rulership, which is the word of God: Vs 7-9
  • The depths of his hunger and spiritual discipline which established him: Vs 10-11
  • But however, from the place of humility, he also discerned that he still had an error which he believed God should deal with and therefore had to confess it to God publicly: Vs 12–13.
  • Finally, he made a request from God that would ensure his sanctification which is more of a life insurance policy, in order to retain his status in God as well as his earthly office: Vs 14.

As I have read through this scripture over time, I have come to discover that:

  • David was a very humble man who understood that his depths in God was just a privilege.
  • He understood cosmic realities of the kingdom of God, and was given to spiritual watchmanship.
  • He also understood the details of his weaknesses.
  • He was willing to give up his pride in order to get it right with God.
  • His desire for God and His word, is what revealed his inherent weaknesses.
  • He was sincere enough to ask God for mercy, and even permit it to be recorded for further generations to come and see his imperfections and his exploits by the Spirit of God.
  • His earnest desire more than his earthly position in the sight of men, was to have a right standing with God. Could this become our disposition too?

As we journey more and more into the depths of God towards the attainment and fulfillment of our individual and corporate destinies, we begin to discover that life isn’t all about that which we are taught in our contemporary churches and in the wider society.

With every layer of the spiritual realm which we engage towards our spiritual growth, there must be something to give up in order to ascend higher. Some may be known or unknown sins, some may be hidden iniquities that have taken a foothold on our souls, while some may just be weights from our cultural perceptions or a wrong perception from our social interactions or parental upbringing. Whatever the case, all of these hinder spiritual progress and destiny attainment.

While we may not immediately relate with these elements, I have realized by experience that as we begin to engage cosmic dimensions of the scripture as King David did in the above-quoted chapter, principalities of darkness in heavenly places begin to engage us to cause these elements in us to come into the limelight, in order for us to become disqualified of our inheritance, or better yet just have a foretaste of it while relinquishing a greater measure.

These spirits in heavenly places are highly intelligent beings, who operate by setting us up against ourselves by way of breaking principles that are supposed to help us ascend higher: thereby bringing accusations against us before the Righteous Judge of the universe. And though we are the Judge’s children, He is Just and True in His nature, therefore He cannot go against His own principles. What He does in order to avert our earthly calamities, is to equip us with wisdom and discernment (two cardinal entities required to help us access our inheritance in Him), such that we would learn His ways and align ourselves in order for us to have the victory always, in the midst of the “accuser of the brethren and his diabolical cohorts”.

Self-righteousness is one of such subtle spirits and can be defined as:

  • Over-estimation of one’s self due to physical looks or a distinctive intellectual abilities or achievements: Its manifestation of expressed on a global scale as the spirit of racism (this is captured in many history books); and for the latter, it especially manifests as a spirit of ethnic bigotry in many multi-ethnic nations-states such as Nigeria.
  • A subtle attempt to manipulate the will of others into cowering to your own beliefs or school of thought, without reverence to God as the standard: On a global and national scale, this manifests in family life between spouses, occultic groups in the corporate world, and in any environment of leadership where a subordinate to superior relationship is required. And even where God is reverenced, there is “a stint of sarcasm” or spite that accompanies the expressions of people under this influence, and in the corporate world it manifests as “extreme and unnecessary bureaucracies”, and is usually perceivable to any spiritual person who engages such an environment; this is why this spirit always leads to personal and corporate pride.
  • Self-glorification: This is where most people think they’re better than others because of the perceived or well-established challenges/errors of others.
  • Insolence & Arrogance: When people think they may just do anything and get away with it because they perceive they have the power or privilege to do so, etc.

A true kingdom citizen must discern these elements because, in the curriculum of the Spirit, we are being tried always.

Self-righteousness also engenders criticism borne out of impure thoughts towards others, therefore it has hindered several profitable relationships throughout people’s lifetime. It fosters a subtle air of accusation, albeit subtly so, and is one of satan’s most effective weapons for the internal destabilization (discord) among brethren who dwell in unity, which is why God calls it an abomination… See Proverbs 6:16&19. Furthermore, it obscures discernment and relegates believers to a fleshly disposition rather than an inclination to walk in the Spirit after the image of Christ within themselves. The resultant effects are numerous but especially offenses that begin to hinder the effective growth of the Body of Christ: we must therefore be sensitive to the vociferous nature of this spirit because, in this new era, we need each other more than ever before.

            So how may we be able to effectively outsmart the enemy of our souls with regards to this spirit, which most of the time is innately rooted in the crevices of our soul? To be continued.

            Emmanuel Sam

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