With every day that breaks, the times and seasons become more and more clouded with uncertainty. Divine interruptions in our ideological formations and cultural orientations as a result of the judgment of God over the powers of heaven that have shaped this civilization which has so shaped men outside of the will of God, is collapsing whole systems and structures, God thus showing mankind that we have come to the end of “Road of Self”, therefore the need for a recalibration.

Leaders who have been shaped by that which has been taught by motivational curricular and by “well meaning” but blind guides whose knowledge base haven’t been congruent with the dispensational blueprint of God, may well find themselves in a quagmire of repression. God willing to show mankind the futility of living without consciously acknowledging His government, He is now reshaping reality by establishing a new dimension in His ways, where all that will thrive in this new decade will be that which is in direct alignment with His will for the decade.


As whole governments are convulsing and true prophetic interpretations events especially at national levels are scarce, God Himself has a plan in which those who yield to Him must discern, understand to some degree, its dynamics, and grow in its reality.

The “Spirit of Faith” which works by love, is crucial for the advancement of the believer in these turbulent times. Having faith in the love of God means that we are first of all rooted in love for Him, then out of that state of being, we can now be armed with the Spirit of faith to remain current in the administration of the dispensational revelations of the realities of Christ in all of creation. For as the “powers of heaven are being shaken and thrones of kingdoms in the heavenly realms and being dethroned”, Haggai 2:6, 21 & 22; by the Spirit of faith, the realities and inheritance of Jesus Christ for us, which the saints in the previous dispensations have laboured for, is now being released in unimaginable proportions as we approach the “culmination of the ages”.

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Hebrews 11: 2 captures this truth, that “Through faith, the elders obtained a good report”. The entire chapter explains the power of faith for gaining victory by the hand of God in turbulent times and how whole kingdoms were subdued by men who were wholly submitted the workings of the Spirit of faith. Hebrews 12: 1 Captures the fact that we are “surrounded” by these beings who conquered all in their lifetime under the hand of God by faith, and instructs us to function from this consciousness as our orientation towards fulfilling the will of God on earth. Therefore while the revelation of Jesus Christ in several dispensations is like a relay race where batons are being transmitted from one generation to another, the Spirit of faith is what establishes the legal right of that transfer of inheritance, and the authority to implement on the earth, with heaven bearing witness.

The second key is the “Power of Discipline”. The bible clearly speaks about a spirit which will possess men in these times, in order to help us put a check on ourselves to know if we are spiraling downwards, or ascending upwards in our journey of destiny. See 2 Timothy 3:1-7.

Therefore in these times of trial that has come on the whole world, there is a need for us to discipline ourselves especially in the Fruit of the spirit; and this can only be established upon the platform of grace, which is released in the place of prayer. It is therefore crucial that we become more aware of the internal workings of the Spirit of grace, which furnishes us with the resources required to combat the “carnal spirit of self”, which is the self-destructive element inherent in every man and the access route through which the kingdom of darkness gains control over the people of God.

There is a clandestine reality which most people try to avoid, but is a constant: and that is that “…we must through much tribulation, enter into the kingdom of God”. Acts 14:22. This was an exhortation from the apostle Paul to the disciples during times of trials from powers of governments that were opposed to the gospel of the kingdom.


The bible states that …the law was given by Moses, but “Grace and Truth” came by Jesus Christ: John 1: 17. Every progressive revelation of Jesus Christ in any generation, comes with a weightier measure of grace and truth to combat the obscuring veils of darkness, in order for people to enter into God’s program and plan for that dispensation.

When Jesus walked the earth in the days of the Pharisees, Scribes and Sadducees who were the authority figures of the day, culture of the Jewish people had become so infiltrated by the philosophies of the Roman (pagan) government, such that Jesus called them “blind guides”. Matthew 23:16 & 24. And so Jesus in the midst of all that He did, ensured that He raised a couple of people with a new orientation to life, in order to uproot the veils implanted in them by their existing spiritual culture, even though their former orientations were established by a system founded on the authority of God. Therefore the truth revealed in Jesus Christ in that dispensation, fully activated by the power of the Holy Spirit came with a grace which made them live above the conventional reality of their day, and this established them as the rulers of “The Body” and of society in their time; so that it was said that “… a great company of the priests were obedient to the faith”.

The same is required of this generation, especially in this decade. There is a need for a new level of grace to be poured out in order to combat the temptations of seeking alternative means of survival and compromise as a result of the turbulence being unleashed upon the world. For we must submit to the government of our kingdom at whatever cost. Hence, the emphasis on much prayers in order to be able to chart new paths by the Spirit of God, for the altar of heaven requires much incense in this season for the activation of new verdicts from the courts of heaven and a mighty release of the Spirit of wisdom for implementation of same, thereby establishing thrones of glory in the heavenly realms, bring us into our inheritance on earth.

Jesus is King!
Emmanuel Sam

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