As we journey through the end of time, seasons of upheavals seem to be churned out in cycles. We see a seemingly prevailing scourge of darkness all around us beckoning for not just our undue attention, but our entire focus. Social media as a core channel of its propagation is further shaping the climate of the aspirations and yearnings of a generation, and in some cases completely diluting the raw power of the kingdom order inherent in the apostolic doctrine.

Globalization, satan’s replica of Revelation 5:9-10, consistently contends for the destinies of future generations by creating disorderliness of thought after the nature of the realms of darkness, thereby clandestinely shaping the inclinations of many people in a way that negates the foundational principles of creation’s Sustaining Essence; and so in concocting dark practices for pseudo-influence, they unconsciously generate “the darkness” which propels the revelation of Jesus Christ as the End-time King of Light, and also hasten His actual coming.

In this Time, Season, and Age, discernment of cosmic activities has become the new curriculum for covenant people, covenant systems, and structures, as the warfare is predominantly being fought from the heavens. The realms of Thrones, Dominions, Principalities, and Powers are consistently being contested for even as dark forces finding expression in humans understand the implications of losing their thrones of influence.

The recent exaltation of a world re-known atheist, Greg Epstein in Harvard University to oversee the activities of over 40 Chaplains from several religious affiliations of the several institutions which collectively make up Harvard University, is a sign that the social spheres of influence are seriously being contested for. Harvard University is a product of the prayers of Ministers of the Gospel who desired an institution of learning where believers would be trained to impact the social spheres, but from all indications, it has raised more people who have become tools in the hands of satan in recent times; therefore, the question is, how did the internal decay escalate to that level?

The nature of warfare in the spheres is of a guerilla dimension. Subtle yet real, seemingly policy-oriented yet realistically priesthood-backed. Many people in the Body of Christ have been trained on how to make a living, mirroring the awkwardly myopic orientations of the priesthood of the former order (in most covenant circles), rather than carrying an authority-backed influence mentality, therefore the true authority of the Government of God, otherwise known as the Kingdom of Heaven has not been able to find full expression within proper context because of several veils that have become “enthroned principalities” in our religious, educational and socio-cultural settings and systems. Also, a lack of discernment of the times makes people still try to hold on to the old, when “God’s new thing” is already taking shape all over the earth.

How To Break Free of the Shackles of Global Deception

Therefore, we regard the message of the prophets as confirmed beyond doubt, and you do well to pay attention to it, as to a lamp that is shining in a gloomy place, until the day dawns and the Morning Star rises in your heart. (ISV) 1 Peter 1:19.

This scripture gives us a proper perspective as well as the key to living above the deception that satan beguiles the souls of men with. The following could be deduced from this scripture.

  1. It, first of all, establishes the need to REGARD AND EXALT the Prophetic Word as sure i.e. its credibility is established.
  2. It also instructs us to PAY ATTENTION to it.
  3. The Prophetic Word is a Light for the “Gloomy Place” or gloomy season or era (I will elaborate on this later).
  4. It guides UNTIL THE DAY DAWN and the MORNING STAR RISES in our hearts.

These four cardinal points are necessary to sustain our momentum, optimism, and focus as we go through the journey of the last days.

With regards to point III above, the bible says. Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my Holy Mountain: let all the inhabitants (saved and unsaved) tremble: for the day of the Lord cometh, for it is nigh at hand. A day of darkness and GLOOMINESSJoel 2:1-2.

According to this scripture, the day of darkness and gloominess such as we are experiencing globally is a sign that a trumpet is being blown in Zion (The Body of Christ); but whereas God expected us to discern the sound of the trumpet announcing the day of darkness and gloominess on the world, many were rather awaiting the sound of the rapture trumpet, how sad. This has been a major challenge in the Body of Christ, we use our expectations from veiled interpretations handed down to us from previous fathers, as a premise for interpreting the times rather than discerning the times from God’s perspective, and so we are most times mislead into wrong prioritization and therefore aren’t able to redeem the times effectively according to God’s agenda. Further down the above-quoted scripture, it states that a great people such as has never been seen before shall emerge in this day (season) of darkness and gloominess upon the earth (paraphrased); meaning that the sound of the trumpet was a sign of God’s release of His army who have been trained in secret to thrive and influence as well as impact the world in the day of gloominess: THIS is supposed to be the corporate mentality of the Church and not the other way round.

Furthermore, because of this subtle alteration in our corporate perspective, we underplay the power of the cloud of witnesses i.e prophets and saints who God used to shape dispensations according to the books of heaven, as well as who gave prophetic words concerning cities, nations, and territories, who are now with the Lord and legislating from heaven into earth, in collaboration with the saints of God who are currently alive, little wonder why celestial administrations of this order are scarce in most church circles, hence inhibiting the effective extension of God’s authority in the world of men.

The Strategy

Paying attention to the prophetic word activates and engineers the program of the Bright and Morning Star Himself inside of us, aligning us with the blueprint of heaven for our generation and dispensation, giving us precision for our jurisdictions of function in God’s overall global program, and ensuring the effective collaboration of all of creation, visible or invisible, whether they be thrones, dominions, principalities or powers, celestial or terrestrial…thereby crafting the new earth which shall be our eternal habitation (not heaven): See Revelation 21:1; and so our works by faith in Him and in this life according to His will, becomes the premise for our eternal rewards, both that which we should partake of in this life and the life thereafter. But other than that, it becomes the measuring line for our placement in our jurisdictions of authority in the afterlife, with all of the redeemed creation once again coming under our authority, which was His original intent when He created the first Adam, and by that, establishing His dominion in all realms and spheres which has always been and will forever be His utmost intent and greatest desire.

Jesus, you are King, let your will be done.

Emmanuel Sam

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