Welcome to the year “2020”; A year which commences a decade of “The Glorious Voice of The Lord enforcing His Civilization into the Territories and Spheres of the Earth” beyond our wildest imagination.

Toward the end of 2019, the Word of the Lord came, establishing a command to commence this year with a long fast: In this season where heaven is legislating on behalf of the saints of God, towards establishing them upon thrones of influence in the earth, there is a need to consciously give off and lay aside every “weight and besetting sin”, and upgrade ourselves spiritually towards effective delegation of kingdom assignments thereby culminating in the reign of our King, Jesus Christ by us wherever we find ourselves per time.

Daniel was a typical example of a man who knew how to wait on the Lord in other to receive understanding as well as spiritual and mental skills (resources) necessary for the sustenance of his throne in his assigned sphere of influence, and ultimately toward the restoration of Israel, his earthly country, while serving in a society whose civilization was powered by sorcery and occultism as is evidenced in our country in contemporary; nevertheless just like in the days of old, God is working out a plan towards National Redemption.

This ordained fast therefore is in three levels:

  1. 21 Days
  2. 40 Days
  3. 90 Days
    (Let the Holy Spirit guide you based on your God-endowed capacity).

As we wait on the Lord, we shall be endowed with wings to mount up as “Eagles from His Presence”: who will become living proofs of His Government, Glory and Influence in the Earth.

Jesus is King!

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