Guide your heart with all diligence… For out of it proceeds the issues (motivations) of Life. Proverbs 4:23.

Motives engender the expression of the dynamic workings of the lines of configuration by which spiritual maps, wavelengths and blueprints of our lives are established in the earth. Our motives inform our world, bearing custodianship of our aspirations in line with the frequency of our motives, thereby stirring up celestial realities (entities) according to the ordinances of the heavens; these entities in turn begin to orchestrate a future according to that which is programmed into our “heavenly orbs” both individually and corporately.

Definition: Motive is the lifeline of the spirit.

All of our “Reality” according to that which God had preordained, as well as that which our “adversary” has planned concerning us, take form in, and find jurisdictional dileanation through our motives; i.e our motives are “authorization portals” for the expression of the multidimensionality of the sequences of the Spirit of Life or spirit of death in the earth. This is why Motive engenders “Thought Power for Proper Conceptualization” thereby nurturing seeds of images or thoughts into taking a form which translates our desires into the realms of “The Will” so that a “Decision” is then made to stir up every faculty inside of us to begin to drive us towards that reality which we have nurtured, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Motives and Prophetic Scrolls

At the New Birth, Heavenly scrolls containing the details of our lives are brought out of the archives of heaven and handed over to our “Heavenly Guides”; these celestial administrators ensure the orchestration of strategic events, relationships and all thats contained in the map of our celestial configuration in line with the Will of God, custodied inside of the heavenly scrolls. Yet, the success of this endeavour is hinged on the continuous upgrade in the frequency of our hearts motivation towards the kingdom of God and His righteousness, which is, and can only be made possible by the governing influence of the Holy Spirit, residing within us.

By a very subtle yet effective scheme of darkness, most of the time and for several centuries after Jesus Christ walked the earth, we have missed this foundational orientation necessary for aligning at the core…thereby ensuring that our lives are governed after heaven’s template and order. Jesus Christ captured it in His statement in Matthew 6 vs 33: “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you”. Preceding this verse, He was talking about the needs of man and how mankind’s perceptions are established upon a culture of misplaced priorities, thereby enslaving our souls – being motivated by earthly things; Jesus Christ our perfect example, functioned from a paradigm of being solely motivated by the higher ideals of the kingdom of God and His will being established on earth; hence the consistent alignment by prophetic discernment thereby exhausting the verdicts for His life, prophesied by past prophets in line with the scrolls for His life, to the point that He could emphatically make this bold statement at the point of the cross: “IT IS FINISHED”.

The Transgenerational Agenda

With every generation that arises with the consciousness of the dispensational/prophetic plan of God for that era, God first begins by purifying the motives of His choosen ones; though His beckoning may be subliminal initially, its dimensional workings are unparalleled, and a heart which truly seeks that which is right will eventually discern the “narrow path”.

The rulers of God must be aware of the fact that as we draw close to the full manifestation of the return of The King, the strategy of the “Dark Intelligence” is to desecrate the Body of Christ at highly subliminal levels; and these can only be esponged at the level of our motives. It is at this dimension that we can attain the level of consecration demanded of us to wield the measure of glory required within us, to unlock the measure of authority required to match the subtle schemes of darkness in this dispensation.

Motive, Kingdom Authority and Transgenerational Distinction

In the era of the kingdom of Babylon, a young man by the name of Daniel, solely motivated by the need to live for the God of His ancestors in a strange land and culture, “purposed in his heart” to go against the norm of his era, this eventually primed him into becoming a “Beacon of Distinction and an Epitome of True Kingdom Authority” across many nations. His authority was a reward for nurturing righteous motives and retaining same through trials, persecutions and blackmails.

God beholding his unflinching resolve to stand by his convictions, entrusted him with the wisdom of the gods as a scepter for the administrations of God to take effect even in the midst of a culture of sorcery, for the preservation of His dispensational agenda until the time of the Reformation. Therefore Daniel’s motivation unlocked not only the book of His life in the plan of God, but also granted him the authority to activate the dispensational plan of God over several kingdoms thereby proving the Dominion of God even in the midst of “governing beasts”. By that scepter, he was able to wield judgment over thrones, his very life represented judgment against thrones which sought to reorder territorial dimensions against the order of the prophetic scrolls of heaven for God’s people, as had been captured and declared by the prophet Jeremiah.

Even today, the “Wheels within the Wheels” are spinning again, thereby activating legislations for the unlocking of prophetic scrolls over territories and spheres. Men are being reconfigured to align properly with heavenly administrators so that the administrations of thrones of darkness which have over centuries altered God’s program for the nations, will be judged, kings unseated and His righteous ones will ascend the thrones of Glory in Christ Jesus over the Nations of the earth… For He causes us to triumph by making known the savour of His knowledge by us in every place.

 Jesus is King!

“Emmanuel Sam.”

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