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The concept of leadership is elusive in nature; this stems from the fact that leadership isn’t a tangible reality, yet its impact spans across several generations, nations, communities, ecosystems, realities, dominions, realms and spheres. This is also true because true leadership can only be perceived or discerned.

Leadership is the foundation for civility. It shapes perspectives and paradigms, establishes as well as alters perceptions, transmits wavelengths of wisdom and knowledge within the context of their jurisdictions into practicable tenets, in order to stir up corporate, communal or territorial participation by inspiration, towards a clearly defined cause.

The leadership challenge in our part of the world has festered for decades; this is in fact due to several factors, both spiritual and natural, cosmic and terrestrial.

In his book, “The Burden Of Freedom”, author, pastor and global leadership consultant: Dr Myles Munroe, established a foundational truth which should recalibrate the thought process, as well as ignite a fire in the heart of anyone who has a sense of destiny; and I quote: “The comfort of slavery is the absence of responsibility”. Slaves follow in order to survive while remaining redundant. Leaders on the other hand follow in order to become who they were meant to be through consistent self-improvement.

Leadership can be defined as a path to consistent self-discovery and self-maximization within the context of one’s originality, in a way that’s beneficial to the individual and others.
It is also a manifestation of one’s self, founded on an inspiration, driven by a passion birthed from a conviction of one’s belief in himself, thereby maximizing times and seasons of the calendar of life.


At the core of leadership is “Self-discovery”. When people have not or do not know who they truly are, they live an illusion of themselves and may even become a nuisance to their immediate and social environment.

Leadership isn’t about duration but about contribution; it is not positional but value-based and inspirational. The intrinsic values leaders uphold, increase or diminish the leader’s value before the corporate and social environment.
Below are a few values I believe true leaders should uphold:
• Self-discovery enhances positive corporate synergy in the corporate environment.
• Private actions or conducts have corporate, national and transgenerational consequences.
• Self-belief exudes true reality. Living a facade on the other hand creates a breach in the ecosystem of life (social order).
• Maximization of self is the true purpose of existence.
• Functionality must be tied to discipline bound by a leader’s convictions.

You know, we live in a decade characterized by a clash of ideologies, subtly imposed upon us by traditional belief systems, colonial curriculums, professional postulations, socio-curricular redefinitions etc; most of which are founded on veiled perspectives and obscure paradigms. Thus there is a dire need for truth-centric leadership in all spheres of endeavour, which will lead us against the tide of the perverted dimensions of knowledge seamlessly woven into the fabric of our minds, thereby effortlessly permeating the sea of our consciousness and also cultivating us into becoming beings unworthy of true dignity and honour. However, such technical strides must be with utmost discretion and wisdom, as our society is a complex web of mixed emotions, mixed perspectives and perceptions, stemming mostly from negative experiences from leaders at all levels of the social structure of society, whose fragrances subliminally choke our aptitude, hence our capacity to become who we were meant to be is most times traded on the altar of compromise out of sheer frustration.

We must individually and corporately rise to the demand and higher calling of the hour, for our lives are measured in reality, by the memories of us etched in the hearts of men after we’re gone.

Jesus Is King


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