Life is like a broad spectrum of interconnected, interrelated and interdependent realities, founded on certain structural principles, whose custodianship and administrations are delegated to strategic elemental and celestial forces. These forces vary in type, rank, nature and function; but the interdependent and interconnected nature of their jurisdictions as well as the jurisprudence of their cosmic configurations, establish an obvious truth; which is the fact that there is a Sovereign Entity behind these entire universal orchestrations.

Within these jurisdictions of universal orchestrations, there is an undergirding principle governing its constitutional processes – this is the principle of “Authority or Order”. Order is the principle behind structural formation, structural administration and structural establishment.

Inherent in Light is life, and inherent in life are minute micro-components which science refers to as molecules and the likes. The underlying motive behind the Light-life principle, is the transmission of images (or image transmission) through an abstract structural formation process which coordinates the bonding of several molecules from an intangible reality into a tangible reality. There is also the principle of “image casting”, as is the case when a channel of light is cast over a figure and the shadow of the figure on which the light is cast, is projected in the opposite direction of the light source. From the above illustration, we can derive the following conclusions, that:

• Light transmits images – as in photo emission or image transmission.
• When projected, light gives direction to form – as in image casting.
• Inherent in light are components of structure (i.e matter), and when matter bonds into formation (structural arrangements), it becomes substance.

Light therefore custodies wavelengths of structures, which within their jurisdictions can be referred to as governments, orders or authorities (the word “Cosmos” is synonymous with the terms constitutions, universe or governments), which function by the principle of life. The need for a central coordination of these diverse, multidimensional and innumerable entities, but still retaining balance in order to keep the universe functioning right and in proper alignment, is where LEADERSHIP is birthed.


Leadership is therefore a reality, crafted out of the intrinsic principle of the need for orderliness by Light. Leadership naturally embodies the ability to transmit authority by abstract waves inherent in its reality in light, and is functional under the pre-established wisdom by the Sovereign Entity behind the formation of the universe, for the governing of authorities and structures, whether they are visible or invisible. We can therefore conclude by saying that Leadership births Order, and is sustained by Order in Light.

What is Leadership?

Within the context of this publication, leadership can be defined as the art of, and ability to manage and steward inherent and external authority, such that orderliness, direction, productivity and optimum coordination and maximization of visible and invisible resources for the corporate good, is achieved.

The principal manifestation of authentic leadership in any given environment as a rule, is that chaos is tamed, and orderliness is established: This is because optimum productivity can only be heralded in an orderly environment thereby maximizing the administration of internal or external resources.

An orderly soul births orderly thoughts, an orderly thought process coordinates wisdom and knowledge in orderly ways, which in turn produce orderly works and finally establishes an orderly environment. This principle applies to the individual, corporate organizations, corporate institutions and national governments.

In order for the formula of leadership as illustrated above to be actualized at corporate, and national levels, one must first of all delve into, and understand leadership from the dimension, mentality and spirit which undergirds its righteous transmission. Within this context therefore, I’ll define it as:

The ability to passionately inspire, positive change for the corporate good, by a conviction forged from the fires of an individual’s originality in Light, founded on a desire or motivation for truth and Justice.

Let us now highlight and explain the key components of this definition for the purpose of clarity.

  1. Passionately Inspire: This means to purposefully seek to infuse or communicate an effect into the mind or spirit of a person purely by a divine influence such that it ignites a drive in the intended direction, devoid of manipulation, coercion or repression.
  2. Positive Change: There must be a clear sense of an intended result from the current state of things, which must be positively driven.
  3. Corporate Good: Its effect must have a wider coverage beyond the leader.
  4. Conviction: It must be stirred up from a disposition of a firm belief that it is a worthy cause.
  5. Originality in Light: It must be rooted in the core purpose of the individual’s existence. This then forms the basis for it to be worth every inch of sacrifice.
  6. Desire or Motivation for Truth and Justice: Its effects must be oppression relieving, life enhancing and people uplifting.

The true test of genuine leadership is determined by the quality of its foundations, which is the sixth point stated above: “the desire for truth and justice”.

The fickleness, feebleness and debilitating nature of our corporate structures as a society on a macro scale, is proof of a lack of sufficient knowledgeable leaders in our systems. This further explains the upcoming generation’s lack of aspiration towards genuine leadership, hence the subliminal entrenchment of mediocrity as a corporate culture. There is therefore, a dire need for an overhaul of our current template, and a re-cultivation of our knowledge base towards leadership effectiveness.

When people are not inspired towards genuine leadership, whether as a result of demoralization due to the misty corporate climate of systemic ignorance, or the survival-oriented precedent which has been subtly bequeathed us by our foreign colonists and is also adopted and implemented by their power desperate stooges, our society suffers, economic productivity is low and so crime increases, corruption becomes pandemic (as is a contemporary reality), future generations are plagued with a culture of lawlessness, submerged in the sea of hopelessness, and the motivation towards creating positive significance and self-maximization for the corporate good is drowned in the sea of instant gratification and selfish acquisitions.

Whole Systems and Structures, Churches and Corporations, Institutions and Nations are at this time in dire need of genuine leaders whose moral and spiritual convictions are stronger than the impulsive turbulence of unrestrained appetites. Leaders whose lives portray a high esteem for the significant while eschewing the mundane. Leaders whose presence activate a climate of orderliness, truth, equity and justice; inspiring change within the context of territorial maps, thereby birthing a productive, quality and an awe-inspiring society of lighted systems, structures and spheres.

Emmanuel Sam

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