The throne of justice and the NLC

Judgement Against Leaders In Spheres

The justice scales of Heaven is even right now set against the leadership structures across the seven mountains all across the globe.
God is judging the former permissible leaders (shepherds) who have not led by His standards, but like Saul have led in their own wisdom. Shepherds who refused to feed his flock with the “required pasture” in due season, but rather exploited the flocks to satisfy their own pleasures and kill the choicest of the flock to satisfy their bellies. Ezekiel 34:3; they eat the fat and clothe with wool (comfort) and kill them that are fed but feed not the flock.

Because of their insolence, my flock have become “meat to the beast of the field” wherein they are scattered across the mountains, hills and high places.

The Lord is demanding His flock from this treacherous shepherds and He is taking His flock away from their control because they refuse to care, feed and protect His flock. The Lord is moving around the mountains, hills and high places of the earth searching and seeking for his flock. He is gathering them back unto His high mountain in Isreal (righteous government) where He will feed them with green pasture and cause them to lie beside still waters.

The Lord is calling a new breed of shepherds namely “His Davids”, to set over his flock. For God has done away with the Sauls and the Davids are now the head of the flock. Shepherds who will protect the flock against every wild beast, (be it bears or lions) who will seek the flock when they are lost, who will feed them with green pastures upon the holy mountains of Zion. God Himself will make His David a prince among them.

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God will bless them exceedingly and will cause the land wherein the dwell to bear fruit and the land to offer its increase.
So in this time of crisis, the Davids must arise. While in the earth realm there is reduction in economic activities and overall trading volume is low, in the spirit realm right now, there is a high volume of trade taking place on trading floors. The kingdom of darkness and its princes are selling off major assets and God requires his sons (David’s) to purchase this assets. Not by your might or power but heaven itself, is injecting resources into its economy to enable its representatives with purchasing power to buy off as much territory, systems and structures, and the hearts of men as much as possible.

In this season, discernment is key. So that we will be able to discern the resources (uncommon wisdoms, strategies) heaven is releasing and to begin to implement it. Like David when he was faced with Goliath could discern and perceive the five smooth stones in the brook (narrow stream) so even the Sons of God must pay close attention to what the Spirit is saying. While the world is panicking and calling the Corona virus pandemic a crisis, heaven is calling this a window of opportunity for its sons to ascend Thrones of leadership across the seven mountains. A crown awaits those that will be faithful, be discerning of the flock the Lord is bringing your way and feed them, rise up and mount up with eagle’s wings, soar higher above the clouds of fear and despair. Fly into the peace of God and then rest on the throne God has set for you in this season.

Thank you.
Bro. Wisdom Emmanuel

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