Hello Pst Emmanuel
My name is Samuel, the brother you came and preached to alongside his friends on Sunday night after your fellowship meeting around State Housing. I have a testimony just two days after that encounter and I was pressured to share it with you, I know you are a genuine man of God.

After you preached to us and prayed for us, you made a statement about one of us having a call to be a preacher. I know you were referring to me because I know I am called to preach but I don’t know my calling yet, if I am an evangelist or pastor or teacher. But the glorious thing God has done is that after you sent me a text message on Monday night, while I read that text before sleeping, my mind told me to connect to that text in the spirit. And I prayed to God that I connect to you in the spirit and that let God restore me and my friends who were laid-off from our place of work (UNICEM) since the past two months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As I believed the word and keyed into it, today Tuesday June 16th, my both friends and I were called back to resume work, our Job has been restored to us.

I give God all the glory, you are a true man of God and I want to stay connected to you and say may God be praised forever in Jesus name.

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