The priesthood of Melchizedek to which we have been called, is a priesthood that summons us into strategic intercession over people, whole cities, nations, continents and spheres. The high calling unto intercession is a summoning from the courts of heaven where Christ Jesus is seated as The Chief High Priest, administering trans-generational inheritances for the purpose of reclaiming the nations unto Himself.

It is in the place of intercession that the foundation of false systems which have permeated and corrupted the entire concept of what we define as “reality” is uncovered. The Bible expressly states that when “Truth is fallen in the streets and there is no equity, judgment will be turned backward and justice will stand afar off”; Isaiah 59 vs 14, (Paraphrased). And the solution from God’s perspective is an intercessor or the Ministry of Intercession, vs 16. The reason for the judgment of God on people, systems, institutions and the nations of the earth is due to the fact that those systems are built on falsehood, and as it is written: “God is shaking the foundation of kingdoms, so that only that which cannot be shaken may remain”.

Entire nations are founded on false hopes which are a result of transactions undertaken by its citizens who have affiliations to high level covenant representatives of the kingdom of darkness. The principles by which these systems are formulated and run, carry the strands of falsehood in their corporate and territorial DNA; these realities inspire greed, selfishness and all sorts of vices which enslave the souls of men to the kingdom of darkness through an extremely complex web of demonic orchestrations for economic gains, see Ezekiel 27; these activities in turn provoke God to jealousy and bring about the destruction of people and whole nations.


The Bible clearly states that the whole world lies in wickedness 1 John 5:19; meaning that the systems of this world are full of the nature of the devil as the inspiration behind its conceptualization, nurturing and implementation processes. As real as this is, God expects us by His light in us, to engage these systems with a mentality of purging them of the nature of darkness and to re-cultivate them after the civilization of the kingdom of Light to which we have been translated.


An intercessor is a “legally” authorized personality who bridges the gap or mediates between two entities, systems, realms or civilizations. Within the context of the subject matter, an intercessor is an individual who stands in the gap in the place of prayer to avert the wrath of God upon a land or people by reason of the provocations perpetuated by either human representatives of, or evil forces of darkness; and then to enforce the will of God over people, systems, territories, spheres and regions.


In this current dispensation, a lot of things are being redefined and re-orchestrated to suit kingdom purposes. This redefinition will affect the status quo and will manifest as a culture shock for many. A lot of cultural norms will be affected and uprooted in order for righteousness to become the foundation of our systems and structures even as the system of mystery Babylon is currently being judged (uprooted).

Our entire social curriculums (outside of the wisdom of the kingdom of God) are inspired by entities whose sole motive is the destruction of the race called “mankind”. This is why nations seek to dominate other nations by oppression as soon as they gain sufficient economic and military might… this is captured all through the Holy Bible and even in contemporary time.

For instance China which has grown to become a major “military might” and “economic force” in the world, seeks to impose its will against the will of other nations with whom they share common boundaries; such as the battle of the “South China sea” where China is consistently infringing on the territorial rights as well as interfering with the boundary lines of Vietnam, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore and Thailand… etc. But for the diplomatic interference of the United States Navy/ the Royal Navy of Britain, the world would probably be witnessing a major war outbreak in those regions of Asia. Of course, intercession is the only background strategy which could avert the looming crisis over the region.

As a result of the insatiable lust for “more power” fueled by greed and hidden religious, political and economic motives, the souls of men are being traded continuously through “unguarded decisions” by major leaders of some nations, thereby plunging the souls of their citizens through military/defense dilemmas. A study on the budget of nations, goes to prove that a greater sum of the budget of most great nations is spent on establishing military might, and advancing their technology in other to sustain their status before the comity of nations, which in itself is an idea founded on the need for self-defense and is an appropriate course of action; but the ulterior motives which undergird some of these “appropriate” actions, engineers a spirit of exploitation toward other nations, in order to gain more resource advantage through strategic bargains, thereby subtly fostering their clandestine agendas, at whatever cost. And so most times, the lives of thousands and maybe more of a nation’s military personnel are sacrificed on the altar of the greed of wicked and inhuman world leaders. Actions such as these establish transactions in the realm of the spirit which provoke the wrath of God and also brings judgment upon such nations. Strategic intercession over time and in various capacities are required in order to cleanse and avert further calamities coming upon such nations as a result of these machinations of “sorcery in high places”.

Nevertheless while all of these are playing out, the kingdom of heaven is advancing. Whole systems, cultures and nations are being realigned to the path of Truth. Even now, the economic sphere which has been and still is the major tool by which “mammon” enslaves the souls of men from the systems of this world, is being reclaimed for Jesus Christ.

In the economic sphere, business will be redefined; as a “higher realm of thought” (Isaiah 55:9) will govern our understanding about the subject of resources: this new paradigm will govern our orientations as kingdom citizens who have and will be given stewardship over heaven’s resources. Money shall no longer be seen as just that legal tender for trade or an accepted tool for buying and selling, or for the acquisition of technologies to foster military might and economic strength, as well as for political dominance over the seemingly helpless nations: or for the acquisition of and establishment of large empires. But resources in whatever material form, shall and must now be recognized and regarded as a tool which is to be used for the cultivation of the souls of men (human capital development) toward the manifestation of the revelation of Jesus Christ from within, and outwardly into all the spheres of the earth, by a strategic kingdom intelligence towards corporate advancement and kingdom territorial influence.

Jesus is King!
Emmanuel Sam.

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