HUMAN CAPITAL vs. FINANCIAL CAPITAL (Dissolving the Dichotomy).

One of the greatest challenge at the core of our country’s economic crisis, is a gross inequality in the administration of human capital. This is also tied to a lack of understanding and mismanagement of our natural resources (territorial capital) which is as a result of a misunderstanding of and abuse of our intellectual capital.

Also, wrong prioritization due to ignorance is a major setback for a “developing nation” such as ours. A major reason why we have so much “power enthusiasts” sapping the resources of our nation without giving back in human resource and human capital development is because the inspiration behind the “formal educational curriculum” which forms the bedrock of the ideological framework of most of us in Africa from the colonial masters, are founded on exploitation and greed; and so without a true sense of internal security, self-esteem and aa true sense of self-worth and nationhood under God, even most of those who sincerely agitate for societal development are also sometimes swallowed up by the lure of the “diplomatic kleptos” in the long run. Therefore survival at the expense of human resource discovery, management and development; as well as improper utilization and effective administration of human, physical, material and intellectual capital, makes slaves of rulers and animals of men; and in all sincerity, this is evidenced in some socio-economic/political and traditional circles in our (The core African) society today.


A practical insight into the understanding of material and financial resources goes to prove that when an individual, a people or a society is uneducated or unskilled in the area of finance or resource management (and I do not mean this just within the context of the formal education set-up but by perceiving true value the way material and financial value is meant to be discerned and thus appropriated), these resources then become a tool for filling up personal insufficiencies thereby birthing a tyrannical or manipulative system which “milks the cows and dumps the carcass”. And when such an individual or people’s “haven” is tampered with, there is an unleashing of every formidable artillery in order to shield the fires of personal, corporate and socio-ethnic insecurity. These are some basic facts which make mankind objects of ridicule when in fact we are supposed to function in the class of the gods.

Today, several political propaganda is built on promises of physical infrastructure, ranging from roads to good water to electricity and housing projects, just to mention but a few; but do we take the time to consider how even after some of these projects take place, they never seem to solve the core issues of the human heart. Do we ever take the time to reminisce on the continuous success of the subtleties of our kind against ourselves thereby leading to gross underdevelopment of our society? Have we not yet come to the realization of the fact that “mental infrastructural development” is more important than physical infrastructure because the former is the sustaining factor behind the latter!

It is indeed amazing how we recline to a life of blame culture and finger-pointing, and except for a select few, most of our political leaders have affiliations whose founding motive is to drown any prospects of corporate and national advancement, for personal profit. Even though we don’t seem to admit it; just like Esau in the Holy Bible, we continuously trade our territorial birthright as a national entity for the mundane, because most of our structures are founded on theories of “Diplomatic Deception”. We sacrifice the corporate good of the community for selfish interests and yet bemoan the state of our systems and institutions. Rather than seek objective solutions founded on plausibility, we most of the time tow the path of responsibility abdication. There is a saying by Dr. Myles Munroe, and I quote: “The comfort of slavery is the absence of responsibility”. On the other hand I believe that the abdication of responsibility is the promotion of mediocrity.


The promise of physical infrastructure at the expense of, or without a congruent plan towards human capital development, is an antiquated paradigm and communicates a backlog of several decades of strategic knowledge advancement, on the path of our leaders. Am I saying the former isn’t a necessity? Not at all. But I mean that a sustainable development paradigm should precede formation of structure… even the basic principles of engineering teaches us that.

The recent happenings in the country further establishes the reality of the fact that we as a nation are enslaved by “the system” whose “tap root” could be traced all the way into the spirit of the colonial masters. Usually when a system isn’t working, people must take the time out to review and analyze the situation and re-strategize effectively towards the corporate good and national development; this is because, inventiveness and creativity is unleashed at its best when people are tired of the status-quo and are unwilling to bend until they see the desired change.

But where “the quest for personal comfort rather than the corporate good of everyone” has become the prevalent culture, even the Church struggles with fulfilling its God given mandate of “discipling the nations”.

It is a sad reality today that in some Country States, people still have the mindset of depending on the government of the day for virtually everything; while some others depend on foreign investors. This goes to prove that we are lacking greatly in the area of human capital. When foreign investors do not see an established human capital base backed up by its host government, and established on a strong sense of “National Identity”, some of them set up systems and policies which eventually sap the creativity of its citizens with meager remunerations which leaves the nation at its best, “barely surviving” in the long term.

For instance, most people are still being beguiled by the deceptive ideological postulations projected from several strata of the manipulative wisdom which governs most of the systems of this world; this is a sublime reality which could be interpreted as you study the policies of several multinational bodies; some of these agencies who project some sort of “help” (CSR) to “developing nations”, are infact collaborating with our own leaders to foster their nocturnal/clandestine global agendas. Until paradigms are adjusted to align with truth, true vision is obscured; and when true vision is obscured, an individual, a collective citizenry or a nation builds or makes plans and projections into oblivion.

In contemporary time, mere technocratic resolutions are failing because we tend to cling to our belief founded in the past on our previous knowledge paradigm, rather than upgrade our template by the dispensational wisdom being unlocked in this season… thereby repeating the mistakes of history. But with a paradigm upgrade, we can sometimes discover some hidden truths which is most times hid in the debris of history. For “true seekers”, inside of history lies one of the greatest secrets to prosperity; which is that in times of great economic turmoil, “wisdom for creativity” beckons on those who are willing to take personal responsibility by the path of the “east gate”. Even ethnic boundaries are tilting towards a collective merger because in all, the spiritual-intellectual climate is beckoning on corporate advancement for the corporate good of mankind.

Dispensations are powered by men who discern the blueprint of cosmic lines. The mind that has wisdom will understand this.

Emmanuel Sam.
(Revised Edition).
First Edition was published in July 2018

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