According to the Book of Revelation, the final judgment will involve the saints of God possessing financial thrones in the earth before the King’s final return. Also when “mystery babylon” (which is the world’s system) is judged, the judgment will be characterized by economic loses with the kings of the earth mourning over their financial mishaps.

Nevertheless in the kingdom, there are several foundational issues which must be well comprehended for this transfer of wealth to take place in the dimension that the Lord wants to have it done.

Below are a few excerpts in this regard, from the book…”UNLOCKING THE KEYS TO HEAVEN’S ECONOMY”.

  1. Doors of opportunities are “created” for individuals who are faithful to the following.
    a. Divine Appointments
    b. Purposeful Connections
    c. Strategic Relationships (mine).
  2. New relationships, link towards serving greater purposes beyond our intellectual accumulations…
  3. People will not only partner with heaven through business, but will take on God’s virtues and attributes (character) for this very partnership.
  4. These riches cannot be delegated to those who:
    a. Seek their own success or personal ambitions outside of God’s plans.
    b. Tithe just 10% of their income and feel they have done enough.
  5. People will not just be given resources, but as they wait on God, they will be imprinted with strategy and understanding about how to steward this finances.

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