Its really amazing that we are privileged to live in such times and seasons unfolding before our eyes. I am pretty sure that everyone here is privy to whats going on globally with regards to the Elections of the United States of America.

What I want us to learn from all of this is, that in the midst of all of these, we can discern the workings of satan through the “Powers behind Globalization“. Sometimes God allows somethings to happen so that evil will be exposed for what it is in order for all to see, then men shall begin to appreciate truth; this heart posture which gleaned towards truth, is necessary to birth an environment which is also necessary to accommodate the release of the glory of God; God then steps in in order to shut out the “onslaughts of the gates of hell”, established against His people or Nation.

While we fast and pray for President Donald Trump and the USA, its important for us to note the following as it relates to our continent and country.

1. If and when president Donald Trump eventually is declared the winner, the political thrones in Africa shall begin to quake terribly beyond the current spiritual earthquakes, as Satan knows that after this election, God’s next wave of sanitizing systems will commence on Africa (though the judgment has already begun). Even now, the scepter of the Colonial Masters of Africa is in great contention, this is why Europe is so unstable economically


2. There shall be a lot of migrations from several nations to Africa (the continent of the last days glory) especially Nigeria; this is partly due to the fact that some evil people will take away their investments from the USA as their “cords of exploitation over the masses shall be fully exposed”…and so they’ll seek the next fertile ground; guess where? This explains Facebook and Twitter’s peculiar interest in Africa in the past 2-3 years (they’re futuristic thinkers)…it isn’t just about Economic Advantage, its about Global Control (they’re “front organizations”). While on the other hand, as truth is being exposed and the “veils of falsehood” over the US and other Nations is being torn asunder, people with genuine intentions will also come into Africa to seek investment opportunities, West Africa is paramount in this regard…(The wise should plan ahead).

3. The spirit of liberality will seek to invade our political and legal systems and processes, (as these are altars which big-tech introduces into nations for “National defilement”, before they can gain full control via sorcery in the spiritual realms over Corporate, National and Institutional heritages; hence they may be lawlessness on the increase in our nation, except the “Territorial Church” wields its scepter within the context of the CURRENT AUTHORITY in the Spirit.

4. Cyber espionage will begin to be on the increase once big tech invades Africa…I.e online theft will be on the increase. Then the wise will discern the worthlessness of our educational standards, systems and curriculum in comparison to that which is taught abroad (particularly in Management, Economics, some Engineering Fields, Science and Technology, Education and Social Sciences etc).

Its time to begin to build by wisdom…The spirit of wisdom beckons on those who will posture their lives for only that which is deemed significant; for only such a people are worthy of the administrations of the Spirit of God which is coming over the nations from now and beyond.

Jesus is King!

Emmanuel Sam.

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  1. Greetings! Very helpful advice within this post! It is the little changes that produce the largest changes. Thanks for sharing! Hedi Forest Napoleon

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