Deliverance From The Scourge Of Smoking and Drinking

On the 1st Of April, I was handling a decoration of the venue for the “Sound The Shofar” conference, which is the Ark Arena (I am an Event Decorator by profession). After that day of the decoration, I went back home and I just noticed I did not feel inclined to some of my habits which are mainly drinking and smoking.

That night when I slept, I woke up in the middle of the night and just felt the urge to pray and I began to pray and just kept praying for as long as I can remember.

The next day I wanted to travel, I found my way to the motor park to board a shuttle and luckily for me I was the last person needed and the bus was filled; so I traveled and some few days later I was back in town and a couple of my friends who I regularly drink and smoke with called me and said we should go smoke and drink as usual, and I just did not feel the urge to entertain the habit of drinking and smoking anymore, I had to tell them that I am not drinking and smoking anymore.

I bless God for changing me into a new person.

Brother Effa.

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