And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven. And whatsoever thou shall bind on earth, shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shall loose on earth shall be loose in heaven. Matthew 16:19.

Have you realised that crisis is worked into the very fabric of all of creation? It is a divine mechanism for turning the tide of things from one phase, dimension or realm of function, occupancy or jurisdiction to another. It is a vehicle of conversion or transfer, an engine for metamorphosis, a divine tool for resetting and recalibration of events, circumstances, and in the cosmos, it is a tool for regulation and adjustment of thrones and a revelation of the justice of God which is an ordination, worked into the DNA of the fabric of all created things.

When we think about keys, our natural perception comes into play and gives us a veiled concept of its interpretation. While the natural man is programmed to judge things from veiled perspectives and obscure paradigms, the spiritual man is programmed to judge (interpret) matters from the standpoint of “the righteousness of God”, which is dependent to a great extent on growth in wisdom and stature, within the context of divine ordinations. See Isaiah 11:3-4a below.

And shall make him of quick understanding in the fear of the LORD: and he shall not judge after the sight of his eyes, neither reprove after the hearing of his ears: But with righteousness shall he judge the poor, and reprove with equity for the meek of the earth: and he shall smite the earth with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath of his lips shall he slay the wicked.

There are two phrases which are pre-established qualifications for “smiting the earth with the rod of his mouth” (binding and loosing from our position in Christ in the heavenly realms – even though we’re in our earthly bodies, with serious implications and consequences on the earth realm)…these are:

  1. With righteousness shall he judge the poor (those who are helpless to the whims and schemes of darkness).
  2. Reprove with equity.

And so Righteousness and Equity are the two requirements for establishing justice on the earth (binding and loosing).

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Every crisis brings with it unusual wisdom. Crisis are a covert formula for the unsealing of hidden capacities. Without a crisis, the spirit of complacency and unnecessary convenience takes a heavy toll on our destiny and keeps us stagnated to the status quo. Crisis is the pathway through which we access new realms (some other heavenly places) in Christ Jesus.

A crisis allows for inner workings of the Holy Spirit in the crevices of the spirit and soul of man, where the spirit of slavery establishes garrisons and strongholds which interferes with the flow of the Spirit of Wisdom within, which is necessary for shifting from the realms of slavery to the realms of sonship, and where sonship is established, crisis is God’s mechanism for navigation from one level of sonship to another.

A crisis is an examiner of our depths of knowledge and wisdom, as well as a qualifier by cosmotic principles which ensure that the constitutional permutations of thrones and principalities either work for, or against us. God’s people are so prone to yielding to the spirit of slavery (which is a stronghold in the soul, imposed by the transactions of the systems of this world in all its ramifications) and this spirit contends actively against our progress into conformity to the image of Christ, which is our “CORPORATE DESTINY”, in order for us to be able to manifest our leadership potential and capabilities on earth; whether it be at individual, corporate or national/intercontinental levels…therefore God allows/stirs up a crisis to test us like “metals on an anvil of life”, thereby proving our solidity in order to be able to engage actively, in the configurations of the enthronement and dethronement of principalities and kings of the earth, to which we have been called in Christ Jesus.


In every crisis situation, new vortexes of knowledge and wisdom are unsealed in the cosmos. While those who remain enslaved by the veiled dimensions of knowledge interpret reality by that which they’re accustomed to or that which is acquired by formal training, God expects His own to discern knowledge and wisdom from that disposition where we dwell, inside of His righteousness (Jesus Christ)…from this standpoint therefore, our interpretations, release wavelengths and cosmotic codes that restore His order in the configuration of things in creation, thereby establishing “righteousness and equity” in our day to day endeavours in the systems, structures and nations of the earth…which in turn establishes the judgment of God on the earth, thereby unlocking new depths of creativity by knowledge and wisdom for economic and all round prosperity for God’s people, while bringing devaluation and devastation on those who oppose His authority, whose only hope is genuine repentance and a transformation from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of Light.

But prophetic and apostolic discernment and declarations hold the key to this conversion process from a perspective of negativity (by natural understanding) to a positive one (by spiritual discernment)…hence the statement by Jesus… whatsoever thou shall bind on earth, shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shall loose on earth shall be loose in heaven.


The crisis stirred up by God, in young David’s life as a result of his increasing influence in the nation of Israel while in active service, made him to run away from King Saul…but this brought about the following benefits:

  1. An army of not less than 400 loyalists were attracted to him, some eventually became key leaders in Israel in the long run. Also, his faithfulness to the Covenant eventually led to hundreds of thousands of warriors and valiant !end gravitating towards him.
  2. In this crisis state, he learnt some new military techniques and skills (supernatural/natural) which eventually gave him a strategic advantage over the enemies in the battle field.
  3. He learnt some unusual wisdom, such as discerning how to effectively partner with God, in conquering and reclaiming enemy territory.
  4. He learnt genuine leadership skills, founded on integrity, compassion and a deep sense of nobility…thereby converting men who were write-offs, into nobles and rulers, by the hand of God.
  5. By taking refuge most times in enemy territory, he understood the military and warfare strategies as well as the maps of the territory of Israel which had become strongholds of their enemies, which eventually made him a more effective warlord.
  6. He learned to depend on God for supplies, sustenance and protection out there in the wild after several indiscretionary actions.
  7. He also discerned that loyalty from men must be by the hand of God (I.e God has to cause the hearts of followers to yield to His appointed leadership), rather than the manipulative leadership gimmicks of Saul, which characterizes the leadership of the world’s systems as is evidenced today.

Jesus is King!
Emmanuel Sam

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