I once heard a wise man say “there is News and there is Truth”. I believe these two are the key forces contending for the souls of the masses of the world today. Every advert, event, program, news, forecast, projection or postulation by both the conventional and social media, are conduits by which these two forces engineer transactions inside the hearts and minds of men and women all over the planet.

Desires, decisions, choices and actions are framed in contemporary time, largely by these duo; hence the social, cultural and mental health of any people is in direct proportion to the quality of information is being communicated into their thought, visual and perceptual environment daily.

As time flies by, multiple layers of falsehood embedded in our social systems are being challenged by truth, and the cords which once bonded the souls of men under the pretext of globalization is being spewed before the face of several pre-blinded nations and individuals, such that as a result of the occurrences of the few months in several nations and across several continents, everyone in their right-thinking senses is now being forced to pay attention to necessary information thereby deciphering the truth from the news.

Jesus Christ once said, “Fear them (the world powers & globalists) not therefore: for there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed, and hid that shall not be known”. Matthew 10:26. Emphasis mine.

Diplomatic undertones are now being brought under deep scrutiny by the courts of heaven and compelled to be brought under judgment by the sons of GOD on the earth. It is pertinent therefore that we understand that with the coming of Truth, is the coming of the Spirit of Judgment. However, the Spirit of Judgment has a goal in mind, which is “to bring the kingdoms of this world into becoming the Kingdom of our God and Jesus Christ”; hence the greater work beyond salvation, is how the saints of God can be deprogrammed and then become reprogrammed into becoming kings after the order of Jesus Christ, after being battered and plagued in all forms by the challenges which the darkness of this world poses as reality, before the hearts and minds of the ignorant.

The Basic Requirement of the Hour

Just a few hours before this article, I had a vision where I saw people of a certain territory under some thick cloud of darkness, and as the people of God prayed, the Light of God gradually infiltrated the atmosphere and what seemed like a cool wind gradually blew the dark cloud away, it looked so easy and yet technical at the same time.

King Solomon at his time of transition when he was about to be enthroned in the kingdom of Israel, asked God for a “wise and discerning heart” to rule over people. I believe everyone who wants to be relevant in God’s affairs in these last days must think in this direction because most of the people who will be ruled over, have come out of several battles of centuries long veils of the darkness of the world’s systems. Therefore suspicions will be on the increase in every quarter as mistrust will become the order of the day. People will scrutinize the motives of everyone else on just about anything, hence it would seem as if the structure of society isn’t cohesive anymore.

We must not allow ourselves to be caught up in the strategic plan of the enemy and his host of earthly rulers, because that is exactly where they want us to be positionally. We must resist every attempt to fall into the trap of disunity in all the various social structures that make up society, rather we must allow Truth influence the radars of our perspectives and perceptions, and so navigate the beastly systems by a new kind of mentality thereby redeeming that which should be redeemed and bringing judgment on that which is destined for destruction: so as to partake of the inheritance of the saints in Light, here on the earth.

We must now come into the full consciousness of the fact that the posture of our hearts based on the quality of Light we have been able to accommodate consciously and grown into, is what guarantees structural balance within the context of the Kingdom Government which is coming, and has already come and is crushing the government of the globalists systems in this world, irrespective of their well-planned schemes in high places.

Finally, we must remember that the King Solomon whom all the kings of the earth came to honour in reference to his wisdom (signifying a shadow/pattern of the kingdoms of this world coming to submit to the Kingdom of our Lord and King Jesus Christ), sacrificed in high places and God met him at these high places. And so, there is a dire need for us to begin or otherwise consistently fellowship, transact and sacrifice at high places; in my opinion, it isn’t a coincidence that the place where the Apostles of the New Testament had to wait on the infilling of the Holy Ghost in order to ensure that they could receive Him who was necessary for them to be able to “turn the society upside down”, was also called the upper room.

God is calling us into engagements in higher places, into the places where influences and influences transact, where Light has meaning within the context of every sphere and territory both spiritually and naturally. And so can you hear the Spirit of Truth say “COME UP HITHER”?

Jesus is King!

Emmanuel Sam

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