We are in a season of “The Making of Stars” in the Body of Christ. In the dispensational template for this era, there is an increased emphasis on attaining maturity in the prophetic, as spiritual discernment is gradually replacing “head knowledge” in the administration of the daily affairs in the kingdom walk, as a norm. Matters which were thought to be top-secret in times past, or that which was purportedly meant for the “Fivefold” only, have become “Foundation School Curriculum” in recent time; these all go to prove that heaven is emptying its vortexes of wisdom into the hearts and souls of men, as we’re fast approaching the culmination of the ages, hence the consistent disruption in the status-quo and a continuous elevation of the bar of our spirituo-social curriculum, especially as it has to do with foresight into kingdom administration whether it be individually or corporately.

When we use the term “The Prophetic”, by implication we are referring to all that makes for visibility into the spiritual world or realm as a result of the “new birth”, and becoming a new creation in Christ Jesus, as well as the several dynamic realities which surround the reconfiguration of a person into oneness with Him, and also the operations of the Spirit of God through such an individual towards birthing the will of God on earth. It is the sum total of celestial administrations in and through the life of an individual which makes for a continuous striving for effectively navigating the both worlds and implementing God’s agenda on earth. Therefore the “Seed of the Prophetic” is rooted deep inside of our DNA, and by fellowship and spiritual growth it begins to reprogram our faculties, activates a God-worldview in us, which in turn begins to activate The Spirit of the Bright and Morning Star” inside of us from one level of glory to another.


Every true visionary in the kingdom who has had some experience with God will tell you that along the path to prophetic fulfillment, prophetic instructions have been major guides and navigational tools for positive progression. These instructions may sometimes come as puzzles which need to be unraveled by sending you on a spiritual journey, prophetic research or fact finding. They may also come as formulas or equations which need to be solved and the answer to the equation now establishes the instruction which must be obeyed to bring about the desired result. But whatever the case, it takes seeing things from the eyes of the Spirit (enlightened understanding) to discern the ways of the Spirit; for the believer’s walk in life is a progressive motion in a “school of the Spirit”. Therefore God has made it such that no one can fulfill destiny on his or her own terms, hence the need for absolute dependence on the Spirit of God by meekness of the spirit.

In literal terms, God has made the world a complex web of interdependent relationships, so that even when people walk with Him, He makes people listen to instructions from others so that no man will be self-sufficient outside of the input of other men. This also applies to nations, corporate organizations, communities and institutions etc. This is captured in His creative work in the nature of man, In which all parts of the human body depend on each other for effective functionality.


Obedience to prophetic instructions, activate the angelic host of heaven to go to war on our behalf. You see, every instruction which comes out of heaven to an individual, territory, people or nation, is for the overall benefit of mankind and activates a dimension which adds to the global-corporate structure of the Body of Christ. In other words, personal obedience has global ramifications. Nevertheless, “The quality of sacrifice which accompanies heeding the instructions of God, determines a greater level of manifestation of the glory of God”.


Moses – Moses’ obedience to the call of God upon his life did not just bring judgment on the nation of Egypt and bring deliverance to the people of Israel, but it also birthed a dimension of the authority and power of God which had not been known in previous ages, and has become a transgenerational reference point as to the power and faithfulness of God in expression over the enemies of His people. But also, his yieldedness to the prophetic instruction from His father inlaw at a strategic moment in his calling, saved him from untimely death as a result of the excessive burden inherent in people administration. Even though God gave him the calling, God instructed him through Jethro in order to establish His throne and prolong his life thereby giving him a wider scope of influence.

Esther – Esther’s meekness and humility paid off and she was eventually established as a queen by the mystery of the favour of God. But her obedience to the “timely prophetic instruction” of Mordecai, backed up by a quality sacrifice (territorial fast at her summon) gave God the access into the throne of Ahaseureus thereby overturning the verdict of genocide against God’s people, and making Esther an eternal Excellency and a Joy of many generations. Thousands of years later, a feast called “Purim” is celebrated in commemoration of what transpired in that season through her…(The feast was celebrated earlier this week).

King David – David the king, otherwise known in scripture as the “man after God’s heart” and one who was raised up to know, love God and lead His people by the principles taught him by the Spirit of God, also submitted to prophetic instructions from the prophets Samuel, Nathan and even his fellow worshippers Asaph, Heman and Jeduthun. He could discern the signs when instructions came, such as were necessary for the preservation of his throne when he was about to go off course…such as in the case of Nabal and Abigail (the saviour) during one of his wilderness journeys… 1 Samuel 25 . He could also discern prophetic instructions (maps) during a very sorrowful moment in their journey, when his wives as well as that of his warriors were captured. But his meek disposition helped him discern the “instruction of preserving the enemy’s servant in order to capture and recover all that was lost” 1 Samuel 30. All of these were administrations that preserved and established thrones of God’s people, and gave them superior wisdom and influence which became transgenerational reference points of the administration of the manifold wisdom of God.

Every prophetic instruction is a formula for the revelation of the authority of Jesus, captured in a mystery. When decoded and unraveled by obedience in alignment, the equation is completed and it stirs up a sequence of events in the earth which brings glory to God. Prophetic instructions establish authority in the earth by first checking the heart posture of men, to test their true allegiance to Jesus. Therefore when such instructions are released, the authority activated by its equation leads to the rise of men into, and fall of men out of authority… Luke 2:34-35; irrespective of whether they’re believers or unbelievers; this is because the revelation of Jesus Christ is the revelation of the government of God on earth and every revelation of the throne of God on earth manifests as justice and judgment. Psalm 89:14.

On the other hand, every prophetic instruction disobeyed is a revelation of pride in the hearts of men. Our inability to, or blatant refusal to yield to prophetic instructions irrespective of the circumstance sorrounding us, is a proof of pride and the exaltation of oneself above the kingdom and authority of God. When we become too familiar with God such that we seek to go about obeying Him by our own perception and understanding, it is at our peril: we put ourselves in a position to be resisted by God… For He resists the proud and gives Grace to the humble.

In the days ahead, every true star of God must pass this test. God will be sending people who “do not qualify to instruct us, our way”, in their lips the Word of the Lord will be fresh. Our refusal or acceptance of the instructions of the Word of The LORD from their lips will determine whether we qualify for the glory of the last days or whether we shall be subject to the destruction that shall come upon the disobedient in these last days. Many of us have made mistakes in the past, but the heart that desires knowledge shall discern wisdom and will increase in spiritual learning, and these ones shall shine as the stars forever.

Jesus is King!
Emmanuel Sam.

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