The Proverbs of Solomon the son of David, king of Israel. To know wisdom and instruction; to perceive the words of understanding: To receive the instruction of wisdom, justice and judgment and equity. Proverbs 1:1-3.

We are currently in The Dispensation of The Glory of GOD, and this is also an era where navigation in functional units and jurisdictions of responsibility by the saints must be by the Spirit of Wisdom; and wisdom functions primarily by the release of strategic instructions which serve as coordinates to unlock sequences for the supernatural releases of God to find expression inside of and through us. And so in these days, we cannot afford to go about our daily affairs by the whims of mental assertions, but we function optimally by discerning the dictates of Spirit of Christ (Wisdom) in us.

The last part of the above quoted scripture indicates that it is the instruction of wisdom that activates the “justice and judgment” of God which brings about equity (balance) between good and evil. Therefore inherent in the “instruction of wisdom” are keys to Wealth Transfer for the establishment of God’s people on the earth…And who could write such a remarkable statement other than king Solomon, whom gentile kings (Hiram king of Tyre, queen of Sheba etc;) brought wealth in quantum proportions for the building of the temple of the Lord and his house during his reign. See 1 Kings 9:10-14, 27-28. 1 Kings 10:1-10. This divine strategy by the Spirit of Wisdom, is also a strategy by which “the kings of the earth bringing the glory of the nations into the City of God”; Revelation 21:24.

Therefore our responsibility is to discern how these instructions are given, understand them and align ourselves to them in faith, while God establishes us in the covenant just as He has promised.

How Instructions of Wisdom Manifest.

While this is an inconclusive exposition on this subject, below are a few ways by which this administration functions.

• By Prophetic Signs: Prophetic signs range from person to person. Watch out for dreams and visions and also strange instructions that do not fit into your “regular theology”. Watch out for strategic “Word of Knowledge” from people who may not look like the regular people you expect to give you a sense of direction from God. Watch out for strange happenings around your life (strive to discern all things by the spirit).

• By Negative Experiences: Yes, these are “celestial permutations” meant to stir up the anointing within us for Him to reveal Himself on our behalf.

Negative experiences (though for brief moments), communicate the need for us to grow in meekness. Meekness on the other hand establishes us on the path of discovering the secrets (ways) of God (we are in currently in a dispensation where our lives depend on how much secrets in God we have access to)…These are the highways of God that sets us functioning from the higher realms of life so that we aren’t subject to the dictates of the “princes of the darkness of this world” but rather we’re forged by the will of God to conquer the mysterious onslaughts of darkness in our dispensation, by His light in us. Furthermore, inside of these “secrets” are hidden codes to our all-round advancement. See Psalm 25:9. These higher ways of God custody dimensions of joy and peace which causes the earth to yield her increase by us in the midst of adversity; Isaiah 55:9-13. These were the patterns established in the life of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph etc.

Nevertheless we must take note that the wisdom of God inherent inside of these negative experiences can only be discerned by our spirit, and so we must learn to yield to Him while He takes us through various seasons of life; and this can only be accomplished when our hearts are fixed on pleasing Him.

These experiences build us up by teaching us to totally depend on His help so that His glory in us can be revealed. It is this revelation of His glory in us cumulatively that brings us into the fullness of our inheritance in Him, so that we do not just prosper spiritually and materially, but we live a fulfilled live and are guaranteed an afterlife with Him. Acts 20:32.

Watch out for disappointments from people whom you have trusted in, for a while (most times God takes away the old to bring in the new). You may become misunderstood because you have chosen to think “high thoughts”; (common men don’t make meaningful impact).

Finally always look for the light at the end of the tunnel, for He hath said… “I will never leave you nor forsake you”.

Jesus is King!
Emmanuel Sam

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