A Deliverance from the Accuser(Testimony)

Since I met Pastor Emmanuel less than a month ago, I must confess that there has been a great change in my life. My life was not on the right track and then suddenly I met him.

During the month of January something happened, a boy met me and said he wanted to belong to a secret cult and that he wanted me to induct him in, since I was member already. So I called some of my fellow cult members and together we took the boy in and he was now part of us. On The 26th of March which was a Thursday some of my former colleagues in the cult I was part of, called me and were telling me that they wanted to see me, I asked if there was any problem and they said no, that I should just come. So I went to see them and one of them was now telling me that the boy I introduced to the cult had just been nabbed by the police and that he was part of a robbery gang that killed a boy and collected his phone, that the police tracked the device and caught him, and so at the moment, the police were looking for me so I should leave town immediately.

When I went home that day, my brother told me that the police had come to our house and were looking for me, I was perplexed and confused and began telling him that I did not do anything. He retreated the same thing those my friends had told me earlier that I should leave town.

On the 27th of march (Friday) I came back late to the house around 12am because I was scared, and then my brother still told me that the  police had come again and that I should leave town. That night when I slept, I had dream where I saw my late father (this was the first time I was seeing him in a dream since he died several years ago) and we were having a discussion and he advised me to pray before I sleep, and immediately I woke up from the sleep. And when I woke up, I was contemplating on if I should call pastor Emmanuel and just felt like I shouldn’t, so rather I prayed.

On Monday morning as I was about to step out of the house, Anti-Cultism (The police department saddled with the responsibility on cultism related issues) entered my compound, arrested me and took me to their station. When I got there, I saw that they had shot one of the boys that was part of the robbery gang and the officers then told me to sit on the ground. While I Sat, their commander entered the station and was now asking the boy who directed the police to my house, how he came to know me and the boy replied and told him that I was the one who led him to join the secret cult. The commander asked me about my relationship with the young man, I responded that ” That was my life in the past that I am now a new creation and no longer a part of any secret cult”. The man now turned and asked the boy if this young man (being me) was part of the robbery gang or whether they had confided any information in me or if I had fore knowledge of their movements and operations, and his response was NO, that we hadn’t seen each other since January. He asked him again, if I was among the gang that robbed and killed the boy who was robbed, and the boy said no, that I was just the one that introduced him to the secret cult .

The commander now said that I was not supposed to be there, and called me to his office. We began discussing and he began to tell me that _he does not even know why he is being lenient on me, that as i entered the station, immediately ” he perceived that I was so different from the rest of them and that I don’t belong to their gang”. So he instructed his subordinates to go and drop me in my house and now reiterated to the boy that directed the police to my house that they needed the boys that were part of the robbery gang and not me.

That was how I made it back to my house and when I reached home, I told my brother that everything was settled, he did not believe and said that both of us should go back to the police station which we did the next day and to his amazement, everything was confirmed as settled. Praise God, Hallelujah.

 Brother D. Fadil.

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The revelation of Truth in the above quoted scripture, indicates that there is a standard which is necessary for us to be able to attain to the fullness of our predetermined future, whether as individuals, corporate entity, state or nation. The notion or idea that somehow because we prophesy, pray or fast we shall somehow fulfill destiny without knowing “the standard rule” required, is a false narrative meant to drown men in our own mental delusion.



As a generation battles with the veils of previous dispensations, thereby getting distraught in its ability to realize it’s true corporate and aeonic identity, the foundational tenet upon which the Rock of Leadership stands, beckons. Our capacity for leadership has been eroded by our inability to traverse depths and dimensions of knowledge, shaped by cultural lax, and[…]