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Here at Integrity Concept, we delve into the relevance of the Kingdom Gospel, tracing prophetic timelines by prophetic insight from the Old Testament through to the Book of Revelation and it’s interpretation as well as application within the current Times and Seasons for effective Kingdom Advancement.

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Conformity To Christ Image.

Here’s my testimony, during the service I had this encounter. While pastor Emmanuel asked us to pray over images, when he Said images inform our thought processes, I was led to pray concerning any image that had become a reality in me from my Biological and Ethnical foundations. While Praying, I was caught up in a vision where God took me through different environments I’ve lived in and was raised as a child into adulthood and after I went through all the houses, I was caught up in the heavens and the Lord shone a bright light through my heart saying All the images that were not His, have been taken away And He’s therefore Conforming Me fully to the Image of Christ. Hallelujah Miss Fragrance.

Wisdom's Dimensions


CONQUERING SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS Keep back thy servant also from presumptuous sins; let them not have dominion over me: then shall I be upright, and I shall be innocent from the great transgression. Psalm 19:13. This psalm came from the very depth of the man king David, who was reputed to be “a man after God’s heart”. Preceding this line, he speaks about: The mysteries of God embedded in creation, as a prophetic watchman that he was: Vs 1-6 The source of his depths of spiritual enlightenment, soulish transformation and discerning abilities for expression wisdom for rulership, which is the word of God: Vs 7-9 The depths of his hunger and spiritual discipline which established him: Vs 10-11 But however, from the place of humility, he also discerned that he still had an error which he believed God should deal with and therefore had to confess it to God publicly: Vs 12–13.[…]

Wisdom's Dimensions


As many may have already known in the Body of Christ all around the world, God is revealing more and more of His favor on His beloved children in these last days. In the midst of the international upheavals, even though godless nations motivated and propelled by greed, lust for power and an uncontrolled appetite for global domination seem to be deceived into thinking that they have the upper hand by reason of the hijacked election of the USA, by which they ousted former President Donald Trump (who was a kind of heavenly police over the world powers) out of the White House, real saints understand the principle of “looking at the eternal dynamics other than the seen things”. From the Far East and the Middle-East to Europe, from Africa to the Americas, the outstretched arms of globalization which is the conceptual conveyor of the blueprint of the lucifer spirit[…]

Newsletter, Wisdom's Dimensions


I once heard a wise man say “there is News and there is Truth”. I believe these two are the key forces contending for the souls of the masses of the world today. Every advert, event, program, news, forecast, projection or postulation by both the conventional and social media, are conduits by which these two forces engineer transactions inside the hearts and minds of men and women all over the planet. Desires, decisions, choices and actions are framed in contemporary time, largely by these duo; hence the social, cultural and mental health of any people is in direct proportion to the quality of information which is being communicated into their thought, visual and perceptual environment daily. As time flies by, multiple layers of falsehood embedded in our social systems are being challenged by truth, and the cords which has held down the souls of men for centuries, and recently framed[…]

Prophetic Watch


As we journey through the end of time, seasons of upheavals seem to be churned out in cycles. We see a seemingly prevailing scourge of darkness all around us beckoning for not just our undue attention, but our entire focus. Social media as a core channel of its propagation is further shaping the climate of the aspirations and yearnings of a generation, and in some cases completely diluting the raw power of the kingdom order inherent in the apostolic doctrine. Globalization, satan’s replica of Revelation 5:9-10, consistently contends for the destinies of future generations by creating disorderliness of thought after the nature of the realms of darkness, thereby clandestinely shaping the inclinations of many people in a way that negates the foundational principles of creation’s Sustaining Essence; and so in concocting dark practices for pseudo-influence, they unconsciously generate “the darkness” which propels the revelation of Jesus Christ as the End-time[…]



The revelation of Truth in the above quoted scripture, indicates that there is a standard which is necessary for us to be able to attain to the fullness of our predetermined future, whether as individuals, corporate entity, state or nation. The notion or idea that somehow because we prophesy, pray or fast we shall somehow fulfill destiny without knowing “the standard rule” required, is a false narrative meant to drown men in our own mental delusion.

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