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Here at Integrity Concept, we delve into the relevance of the Kingdom Gospel, tracing prophetic timelines by prophetic insight from the Old Testament through to the Book of Revelation and it’s interpretation as well as application within the current Times and Seasons for effective Kingdom Advancement.

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Authority over Ailments (Testimony)

Daddy I have a testimony, the Lord saved my younger siblings (my mom’s last child) from severe stomach pain, vomiting & weakness of the body. My mom said the baby has been like that for about a week now and anytime she gives her medication, the illness gets worse and that the baby’s skin is becoming White. She called me & was sounding very worried. But Sir to the glory of God, the baby that couldn’t talk/ walk/ eat for days now, After I prayed with them & made Prophetic declarations of judgement over the enemy by the help of the Holy Ghost, Before I called her in afternoon. The baby was playing & full of life again. JESUS HAS TAKEN OVER. HE has turned again the captivity of Zion into Victory! The Healing streams/ virtues of LIFE is Flowing..My heart is full of Thanks. God bless you continually Sir. […]

Wisdom's Dimensions


We are currently living in very strange, yet very interesting times. The Holy Bible reveals that in the last days, ” _knowledge shall greatly increase_ ” but prior to that, it says that ” many shall run to and fro“. Daniel 12:4. Running to and fro is a term which is used to depict the navigational mannerisms of the devil. See Job 1:7;therefore many running to and fro signifies the confusion which stems from disillusionment, which is as a result of satanic influence over people’s lives directly or indirectly. We must also take note of the fact that, the Bible does not give us details into the kind of knowledge which shall increase…meaning that the whole body of knowledge in the cosmic realms of creation will seek to find expression in the earth realm before the culmination of the age; however, the nature and character of the one who encountered[…]



Leadership is the Father’s heart cry in this hour. The Body of Christ is in dire need of authentic Throneroom-oriented leadership, which will be able to selflessly but by the Holy Ghost, galvanize the hungry at heart, who seem to have an insatiable hunger for Him Who may be unknown to many, but whom the tangibility of His reality in this hour and dispensation cannot be denied. The seemingly complex albeit siamese-like nature of the Revival-Reformation move of the Spirit of God in this hour, calls for authentic leaders, with authentic Spirit-approved credentials, who will not just discern the times and declare the Word of The Lord; but who through intimacy with God, have become the embodiment of Christ as Blueprints, Wisdoms, Strategies and Dispensers of the anointing to implement and execute that which their celestial DNA is programmed after. These are those leaders whom “the world is not worthy[…]

Prophetic Watch


As seasons and times go by, towards the culmination of the age, the spirit of the “perilous times” as established in the book of 1st Timothy is constantly being revealed in the world of men. Well-orchestrated schemes of men whose livelihood is about establishing thrones of darkness in the earth, have birthed systems which have further drifted men off the course of truth; so much so that God is now releasing the best of heaven’s artillery to combat the constant and consistent onslaughts of hell against men who seek the knowledge of the truth. But in the midst of these hazy cosmic-climatic seasons cluttered with wrong doctrines, socio-cultural upheavals, ideological warfare and humanistic ideals on a large scale, it is even more important for us to seek to know more about the advantages God has in store for us, as we seek to know Him more. For the Holy Bible[…]

Prophetic Watch


Its really amazing that we are privileged to live in such times and seasons unfolding before our eyes. I am pretty sure that everyone here is privy to whats going on globally with regards to the Elections of the United States of America. What I want us to learn from all of this is, that in the midst of all of these, we can discern the workings of satan through the “Powers behind Globalization“. Sometimes God allows somethings to happen so that evil will be exposed for what it is in order for all to see, then men shall begin to appreciate truth; this heart posture which gleaned towards truth, is necessary to birth an environment which is also necessary to accommodate the release of the glory of God; God then steps in in order to shut out the “onslaughts of the gates of hell”, established against His people or[…]



Through faith, we understand that the worlds (aeons, dispensations, universes, galaxies, planetary systems, civilizations) were framed by the Word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which do appear…(expanded version).Hebrews 11:3. In the administrations of God according to the divine order, faith is the most crucial element, necessary for the establishment of His plans in the earth realm. It has always been the major requirement of God from men. READ ALSO: WISDOM STREAMS As a matter of fact, the “righteousness of God” cannot be established in an environment where the God-kind of faith isn’t functional. It is written… For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith, as it is written, the Just shall live by faith ; this means that without the people of God graduating from one level of faith expression in God, to another, the various dimensions[…]

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