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Here at Integrity Concept, we delve into the relevance of the Kingdom Gospel, tracing prophetic timelines by prophetic insight from the Old Testament through to the Book of Revelation and it’s interpretation as well as application within the current Times and Seasons for effective Kingdom Advancement.

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As seasons and times go by, towards the culmination of the age, the spirit of the “perilous times” as established in the book of 1st Timothy is constantly being revealed in the world of men. Well-orchestrated schemes of men whose livelihood is about establishing thrones of darkness in the earth, have birthed systems which have further drifted men off the course of truth; so much so that God is now releasing the best of heaven’s artillery to combat the constant and consistent onslaughts of hell against men who seek the knowledge of the truth. But in the midst of these hazy cosmic-climatic seasons cluttered with wrong doctrines, socio-cultural upheavals, ideological warfare and humanistic ideals on a large scale, it is even more important for us to seek to know more about the advantages God has in store for us, as we seek to know Him more. For the Holy Bible […]

Prophetic Watch


Its really amazing that we are privileged to live in such times and seasons unfolding before our eyes. I am pretty sure that everyone here is privy to whats going on globally with regards to the Elections of the United States of America. What I want us to learn from all of this is, that in the midst of all of these, we can discern the workings of satan through the “Powers behind Globalization“. Sometimes God allows somethings to happen so that evil will be exposed for what it is in order for all to see, then men shall begin to appreciate truth; this heart posture which gleaned towards truth, is necessary to birth an environment which is also necessary to accommodate the release of the glory of God; God then steps in in order to shut out the “onslaughts of the gates of hell”, established against His people or[…]



Through faith, we understand that the worlds (aeons, dispensations, universes, galaxies, planetary systems, civilizations) were framed by the Word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which do appear…(expanded version).Hebrews 11:3. In the administrations of God according to the divine order, faith is the most crucial element, necessary for the establishment of His plans in the earth realm. It has always been the major requirement of God from men. READ ALSO: WISDOM STREAMS As a matter of fact, the “righteousness of God” cannot be established in an environment where the God-kind of faith isn’t functional. It is written… For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith, as it is written, the Just shall live by faith ; this means that without the people of God graduating from one level of faith expression in God, to another, the various dimensions[…]



In seasons of unprecedented change, characterized by social upheavals stemming from civil unrest, leading to the loss of lives and property worth billions nationwide (such as we have and are currently witnessing in our country at the moment), there are more challenges which we may have to grapple with long after the violence has been quelled; whole Governments, Religious Organizations, Corporate Organizations, Academic and Professional Institutions etc, will have to grapple with the emotional and mental imbalance in the greater population of the masses, which is a result of the shock stemming from the loss of loved ones, sudden loss of jobs and property; while for those who joined the rhythm of the beat as a result of being caught up in the negative wind of the moment, they may also have to deal with the weight of the evil acts they got caught up in, on their conscience, which[…]



Good evening sir, i just want to tell you that after the ups and down and all the stalling and all the prayers and tithing, God has finally opened the door for me, i have signed the contract today the 1st of October being Nigeria’s independence. It is not a coincidence, it is God timings. I want to say a big thank you to you for always interceding on my behalf. Thank you sir, stay blessed. Mr T. Moffi.



There are highways, by-ways and pathways of the administrations of wisdom which regulate the activities surrounding the structures and systems by which we are governed. Whether political, economic, social or otherwise, these “abstract structures” regulate and inform strategic orchestrations in strategic seasons and times, which determine the direction of the lives of any people whether it be individually or corporately. It is out of the administrations of these abstract structures which orchestrate seasonal changes over nations, systems and structures that leaders are forged. These administrations may play out in the earth realm as unusual circumstances such Apartheids, Wars, National Upheavals, Economic Recession and Depression, Global Pandemics, Political Variations, Counterculture Clashes, Cultural Decadence etc: which then give rise to Industrial and Technological Innovations, Economic Value Reassessment, Cultural Reorientation, Leadership Reintegration etc; At the heart of all of these, is where strategic leaders are discovered, nurtured and revealed. The coordinates of wisdom[…]

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